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Super Mario Carlos182 ... DEMO RELEASED

Well, that´s a tentative title (if you have any ideas...).

So, this is my first hack, and i wanna share it with you to expect critics (positive or negative) so with that i will learn more and more =)

I still dont have any story for this hack, but i have a few levels, so, this are the first SS:






Thanks for you comments :D

P.D. sorry for my english.

The SS of this post are too bad and too old. Ignore them (i have fixed them). So, this is the demo :

Super Mario Carlos182 [Tentative Title]

I hope you enjoy it. Im sorry for the very first level (Yoshis House) i havent finished. Thanks.
Mega Mario:
Your hack looks good so far, keep up the good work! :)

Here are a few things that I didn't like:
-> If I were you I wouldn't use the tileset that you are using in the first screenshot, it clashes with the SMW style.
-> In the 3rd screen, is Mario's palette okay?
-> The big clouds of the BG of the 2nd screen have some tiles missing, I think.

Also, Carlos, next time that you post screenshots make sure to copy the adress of the SS and click in the image of the image when you're editing your post and paste the adress there, next click ok.

Ichigo Says:

Nice :D i like it.

UB slot 1
UB slot 2
UB slot 3
I like how in the first screenshot, you're using a ship tileset so that it actually looks appropriate to have a net there. Space is decently used as well. You may want to thicken the pipe, though, because there's some air between the pipe and the water. >_<

In the second screenshot, it's a very bad idea to have a green baby Yoshi out if you're able to bring an adult Yoshi into that level, so you may want to use either a Yoshi already in an egg or leave the baby Yoshi out of the level completely. If you do use a baby Yoshi, try not to make it the blue one since the player will be able to skip huge segments of the level if there's a shell present unless you have some kind of barrier, like a ceiling or invisible blocks. The second half of the screen is a bit empty and it wouldn't be a bad idea to add more platforms so there's more to explore. I'm not saying to cram a lot into a tiny space, but just to break up the empty space a little. ;)

The tileset in the third screen is rather different. I really like how it and the background go together - it just has a dreamlike feel to it, and I'm curious to see what the rest of the level looks like. It's definitely my favorite so far of what you've posted. :3

It looks like you have quite a bit going on in the fourth screen, and you make good use of space. There's a good amount of enemies, but you're not overdoing it.

The fifth screen is a little empty. Please tell me that there's teleport blocks or something under those coins because it's a bad idea to lead people to their deaths with misleading traps.

Yoshi's Island graphics are very inconsistent with the rest of your hack's images. Try making the outlines thinner on the YI graphics, and maybe selecting a dark color for an outline rather than plain black outlines.

I'm sure you're aware of the status bar problems. Try moving the colors from palettes 0 and 1 (or whatever your ExGFX backgrounds use) to a palette between 3 and 7, depending on what will and won't affect other objects you're using in the level, changing the BG Map16 tiles' properties to the palette you decided to use, and restoring 0 and 1 to their defaults.

Also, in the future, I recommend uploading pictures in PNG format, and if you have a Photobucket account, please use that instead because the small images are very hard to see, and the fact that they are JPG makes them a little distorted.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
(This is just a useless post to fresh the thread).

I have uploaded a DEMO for you, I think its too little, but I want you to to play it and to tell me what I have to fix, cause this is my first Hack.


Super Mario Carlos182 [Tentative Title]

Mega Mario:
Can anyone please test my Demo ?
Mega Mario:

It was deleted. Go check the "Hack Removal Log" on this forum (SMW Hack Discussion) and see why your hack was deleted.