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Super mario world: dream edition by MS_HACKS

NAME: Super mario world: dream edition
this is one of my OLD hacks, the overworld has NOT been changed, i did not have time to change this because i was too busy with my other hacks, this was made in 2011. enjoy and please leave a good review, unforntley i do not know how long the hack goes on till.i do apolgize for my bad spelling and grammar

IPS link


The main removal reason for this hack is how much it resembles the original game:

We have all played the original SMW a lot of times, and as such are not all that interested in playing minor rearrangements of its levels. Before starting on a level, always use Ctrl+Del to remove all the objects and sprites that are in it.

And then as the hack went on, it seemed like you got lazier and lazier, and just started leaving more and more rooms completely unedited:

As for the parts that you did edit, the quality of those weren't really the best either. There were a lot of empty and bland segments:

and quite a few questionable level design decisions, including blind jumps:

invisible blocks placed in such a way that you can easily hit them and fall into an enemy:

this seemingly impossible-to-get Yoshi coin:

switch blocks that won't be activated until three worlds later, the only purpose of which is allowing you to reach the midpoint:

think-fast-or-die situations:

doors you can't possibly enter:

and lastly, this thing:

This room consists of ten identical screens of throw blocks with Koopas on top. Apart from the fact that you can get 20+ lives by just throwing a shell or block and running after it, it also means that if you go down to the bottom at the start of the room, those ten screens become thirty as you run back and forth at the bottom to collect the key. Not the most interesting experience by a long shot.

There were also a whole lot of minor issues other than the things I pointed out above, but given that you said that abandoned the hack two years ago (because it sure as hell isn't finished; it just kind of continues on into the original SMW after Morton's castle), pointing all of them out seems kind of pointless.

All in all, if you hadn't said that already stopped work on this hack, I'd have advised you to delete it and start over from scratch, because there really is nothing to salvage here.

Also: before submitting any more hacks, please take a few minutes to check in Lunar Magic to see how long they are, and whether or not they are finished, instead of just marking the length as unknown. And might I recommend working in one hack at a time rather than balancing multiple at once, like you said you were doing? As they say, quality over quantity.
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Ok thanks for the advice and the review