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The 6th Annual SMW Central Level Design Contest [Rules and Submissions]
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 6th Annual SMW Central Level Design Contest [Rules and Submissions]
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EDIT: 2-3-13 [9:39AM CST] Clarified Rule 5e by giving an example.

Welcome to SMW Central's 6th annual level design contest! I'm your host Lightvayne and joining me here is my co-host AxemJinx.

LV:This my first year running it so hopefully I don't muck up too many things :P Axem has been a tremendous help getting everything all set up for this, so I want to give a big thanks for all he's done. Now lets get down to what we are all here for...

Axem: To me, the spirit of this contest has always been a low barrier to entry and a level playing field, where both newcomers and veterans alike can compete on neutral ground by using pretty much only what the original Super Mario World provides, without all the complexities introduced by allowing custom content. Over the years, we have experimented to varying degrees with making certain graphical allowances, and while this has resulted in many aesthetically unique entries, I feel that each time we bend the rules we grow further and further away from what this contest is really supposed to be about.

The relatively restrictive rulesets of the 2011 and 2012 contests have done much to bring the feel of the series back to its inception in 2008, but I have still seen many levels focus more on bending the original graphics into something new than on the fundamentals of platform and sprite placement. Therefore, this year's contest will introduce additional limitations to disallow most any kind of graphical manipulation that goes beyond Map16 and a bit of tileset mixing. My feeling is that you shouldn't need any more than this to make your entries aesthetically pleasing for the purposes of this contest. Under these rules, hopefully it will be very clear what kinds of levels we're looking for and what kinds we're not.

LV:In addition, we are replacing the traditional point-based rankings with qualitative categories and written feedback to encourage self-improvement over peer comparison.

Above all, have fun. We're looking forward to seeing what you can cook up.


General Rules
1a. Unless stated otherwise, you may ONLY use Lunar Magic to build your entry.

1b. Unless stated otherwise, you may ONLY use resources (graphics, blocks, sprites, etc.) that exist in the original Super Mario World.

2a. You may submit ONE entry.

2b. Your entry may contain up to TWO exits (e.g. goal post, keyhole, switch palace, yoshi wings). It should NOT exceed 64 (decimal) screens unless some aspect of the design makes it absolutely necessary.

2c. You may work together with ONE partner.

3a. You may NOT submit "Kaizo" levels, automatic levels, glitch levels (including intentionally glitched graphics), blatant level edits, joke levels, and so on.

3b. You may NOT require OR encourage players to use things like savestates, glitches, or obscure maneuvers.

3c. You may NOT use cutscenes or credits sequences. List credits in a .txt file and include it with your IPS patch if you wish.

Submitting Your Entry
4a. **********To submit your entry, link to an IPS or BPS patch IN YOUR FILE BIN. The filename MUST include your username.**********
Please do not post in this thread unless you're submitting an entry; if you want to discuss the contest, do so in the discussion thread, not here. Also, DO NOT LOCK YOUR ENTRIES.

4b. To submit an update, MAKE A NEW POST linking to the updated IPS or BPS patch in your file bin, and MAKE IT CLEAR that you're updating your entry. DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE YOUR ORIGINAL POST.

4c. The submission period ends on 11:59:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) on February 28th. Entries and updates may NOT be submitted after this time except in extraordinary circumstances.

5a. You may use ExGFX ONLY to mix SPRITE tilesets (no remaps). To mix FG/BG tilesets, use Super GFX Bypass with the original GFX files.

5b. You may ONLY use foreground graphics for foregrounds, background graphics for backgrounds, and sprite graphics for the sprite(s) they were originally used for. You may NOT use overworld, cutscene, or any other miscellaneous graphics in the level.

5c. You may use Map16 manipulation. You may NOT use Lunar Magic's built-in 8*8 tile editor OR edit the original GFX files, EXCEPT for the “Nintendo Presents” logo and title screen text, as in (6a).

5d. You may use ExAnimation ONLY to mix animated tiles from the original game (e.g. twinkling stars, lava, line guide end tiles).

5e. You may use custom palettes, but NOT in order to make any tiles appear aesthetically different from their original intended purpose. Example: You CAN change a ground palette to make it look like a snow,desert, etc. level. You CANNOT change ground palette to make a tile look like something it is not like water, fake pit, etc.

6a. You may edit the "Nintendo Presents" logo, title screen, intro screen/message, and overworld. They will not be judged, but they must still follow the rules.

6b. You may NOT use custom music or sound.

6c. You may NOT apply patches or hex edits.

7a. You may have others test and provide feedback for your entry. This is highly encouraged.

7b. You may, as an entrant, test and provide feedback for others' entries. However, if you abuse this privilege to knowingly mislead other entrants, your entry will be disqualified.

If you break any of the above rules, or if the judges agree you are using loopholes to pervert the spirit of the contest, your entry will be disqualified. If you're not sure whether your entry breaks any rules, ask the judges for clarification, providing screenshots where necessary.

The judges reserve the right to modify these rules and this post at any time. Pertinent changes will be noted at the top of the post in chronological order.



Each judge will place your entry into one of the following five categories and provide written commentary to support their opinion, giving suggestions for improvement where applicable:

Not for Me

There will be no point-based ranks. Judges will decide which entries will win prizes or trophies through discussion. If no consensus can be reached, the above categories will be assigned arbitrary values (Favorites = 5, Enjoyable = 4, etc.), and the averages used to determine winning entries.

Things you should consider as you design your entry include but are not limited to: platform layout and architecture, environmental design, sprite and obstacle placement, thematic consistency and flow, pacing and length, difficulty, creativity, technical competency, and visual appeal. Functional elements are generally weighted more heavily than aesthetic ones, though both are important. Feel free to read tutorials, play levels from the last two contests, and ask users for feedback and advice to help keep you pointed in the right direction.


The three winning entries will each receive a Steam gift (i.e. game) up to $10. Within one month after the results are posted, send AxemJinx both a friend request on Steam (temporary, to make the transaction easier), and a PM here on SMW Central identifying your Steam username and the game(s) you would like to have.

LV: This year, we will have a total of 4 Judges who will be ranking your submission. To speed up the process a bit, some of us will be going through your submissions the moment you enter them in. So we ask that you please make sure your submission is final. If for what ever reason you do need to submit and update, please make sure to read Rule 4b.

Other that than, good luck. #smw{:TUP:}

ENTRIES Updated as of 3-1-13 [08:30 CST]
1.Sockbat Replica
2.Hadron - Sky Adventure
3.Purple Rex(Updated 2-3)
4.GammaV - Bullet Bluffs
7.DoopyBuckride(update 2-9)
9.Sokobansolver - Wet Dry Ruins(Updated 2-6)
10.luigiman09 - Random Double Path (Updated 2-5)
11.Ladida - watashi no entry(updated 2-6)
12.KY2010 - The Terrible Whiteness Of A Sadistic Castle(updated 2-17)
13.Notgoodwithusernames - Concussion Mountain
17.Magiluigi(updated 2-27)
18.Aquamentus(Updated 2-9(again))
19.ShadowPhoenix - Choco Mountains(updated 2-27)
20.Yan(updated 2-17)
21.THY-Mustard Nightfall
22.Punk Sarcophagus(Updated 2-28)
23.MarioFan22 - Cave Escape 2
25.Levelengine - How did I get here?
26.Hawthorne - Cinnamon Woods(updated 2-17)
27.Dark Mario Bros(update 2-19)?
28.Mr.Blue Yoshi(updated 2-26)
30.ShadowFire - Forest Stroll(updated 2-24)
31.BlueLeaf - Sky Island
33.Zmann - Negative World
35.Everest700 - Land of Mystery
36.Carld923 - Forest, Cave,'n Mole(updated 2-26)
37.HyperMario - Frozen Wonderland(updated 2-21)
38.Archie - Rocky Land(updated 2-28 x 6)
39.1UPdudes - Dino River
40.ferrety - Fine Line-Guide Ride
41.Guinimo - The Distant Island(updated 2-23)
43.kenny - Sunrise Mountain
44.PatPatPat(updated 2-26)
46.TomPhanto - Kumquat Cavern
47.Snifit - Forgotten Fortress
48.PowerNewTop - Ghost Tower
49.Hobz(updated 2-28 x 2)
50.EvilGuy - Mushroom Fields
51.chineesmw - Autumn Forest
52.GloomyStar - Mountaintop Bridges
54.Lemonade - Molten Magma Meadow(updated 2-28 x 2)
55.FPzero & Teyla - Simmering Stalagmites
58.Egadd - Mountainous Mountains
62.Burst Man
65.The Secret Exit
67.Mariocool1999 - Reznor's Fields and Fortress (updated 2-28)
69.SomeGuy712x - Magikoopa's Fun House (V3) (updated 2-28 x 2)
71.Daizo Dee Von - Platform Pothole
72.neosaver - Volcano Valley (updated 2-28 x 3)
73.DPhoenix - Burning Boiler
74.Poloros - The Great Koopa Gate
75.Oh Hell No - Complexity, In a Nutshell (updated 2-28)
76.Masterlink & MaxodeX - Super amazing castle with nets
77.678ruby678 - The Time Dimension
80.tatanga - Bowser's Blocks
82.NoelYoshi & Incognito
83.LuigiTime - Mario and the Quest for the Perfect Picnic Spot
Layout by LDA during C3.
My entry: Sky Adventure

edit 2013-02-02 18:00: updated
Finished my entry :3
Level Name With Athletic Somewhere
Here's my entry.

It's a level in the mountain that features Bullet Bills, some Banzai Bills, Timed Lifts, Koopas, and Rexes. Enjoy!

"You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!"
- Knockout ~ Transformers Prime "TMI"
Update of my level.
This update fixes a bug when replaying the level after collecting the hidden 1-Up at the start, and it also changes the coin placement a bit near the secret exit path's entrance.
Here's my entry.

It's a level with lots of slopes platforms koopas,goombas and a Banzai Bill.

Now it's a chocolate level design contest it's the same level name but the level layout is more different it has fixed palettes.
My entry: Road to Larry

Last year I made a sequel to "Awesome" this year I made a sequel to "Valley of Bowser 4".

Well, finally got it done: here's my entry.

Could be slightly difficult, but definitely not Kaizo. I've tried to not exceed 64 decimal screens.

Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
After a couple days, here's my level: Random Double Path

It's not very hard. There's two paths in the beginning to choose from and they will be connecting somewhere in the level.

I don't know what to write in the signature so here's Cirno's 9 written 9 times:
I also have a YouTube channel if you feel to visit it:
<Alcaro> !ar fish glitchmr contest entry filenames MUST contain your username, or you're disqualified. you may want to fix that</pre>


Unexpected end tag (</pre>) at 208, expected </div>
Tag (div) was not closed.

Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
My entry, Wet Dry Ruins.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.

Forgot to write the username in my file so, that's it! It's fixed.

Random Double Path Now updated with my username in the file.

I don't know what to write in the signature so here's Cirno's 9 written 9 times:
I also have a YouTube channel if you feel to visit it:
watashi no entry

note: it's hard
An update to Wet Dry Ruins. Hopefully this one isn't glitchy like the other one was. Someone on the IRC said the glitchiness was related to having used LM to create the patch instead of Lunar IPS.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
The Terrible Whiteness Of A Sadistic Castle

It's somewhat fairly hard and I tried to aim it being an original SMW level as much as possible.

old one had sprite/memory issues

new link
Here is my entry for the contest:

Well, here's My level.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 6th Annual SMW Central Level Design Contest [Rules and Submissions]

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