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The Fortress War of 2013
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(this was inspired by the battle royale thread. If you want to be in this, PM me. PM me which side you're on, too. Salads, Oranges, or the Join side. Max is 30. Can only be on 1 side.) (As of now, this is going to stop. I got no time for it...)

One day, in the Forest of Seclusion, everything was going swell. However, one day... One very horrible day, someone named "smallhacker" said this:

"Fresh Orange Slices, more like Broken Doorhinge Slices! The Salad is superior!" Everyone got pissed off. Kieran Menor angrily says back "What are you talking about?! The Salad has rotten into crap, so shut up!" "No, the salad is better." Smallhacker says "No! You are both wrong! Neither badge is better." says Mariocool1999. MC1999 is just a simple peasant, not rich at all. Both say to him "SHUT UP! ONE IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER!"

???1: The oranges are better IMO.
???2 and ???3: No, the salad is better.
???1: Have any proof?
???4: Mariocool1999 is right. Neither the salad nor the orange are better.
Smallhacker: MC's opinion is as good as Arbe's opinion. Go team Salad!
Kieran: No, the oranges are better!
Smallhacker: SALADS. ARE. BETTER.
???2: What the bloody hell is this?! FUCK YOU!
???3: Ditto.
Smallhacker: Fine! We'll just go to the Fortress of Solitude and DESTROY THIS PLACE! I DECLARE WAR!
???4: No! You cannot just declare war because you got kicked out!
Kieran: I agree with smalls. YOU AND MC ARE BOTH OUT!
MC: What?! No....!

As such... The first fortress war has started. The earth opened a crack to prevent such easy attacks.

(At the Fortress of Solitude)

???5: Alright, Lord Smallhacker, what shall we do?
Smallhacker: General, deploy 3 bullet bill blasters, and the golden cannon. Start putting troops to attack the Fortress of Seclusion.
???5: But the pathway is blocked!
Smalls: Try going around it. It's going to be simple like that.
???6: Sirs! Mariocool, ???4, ???10 and ???11 are planning to stop this madness by destroying both forts! As such, the only pathway is blocked!
Smalls: Fine. Deploy the flight squad instead.
???5: Yes sir!

(At the Fortress of Seclusion)
Kieran: Alright. Time to start planning out attacks. ???7!
???7: What is it, Sir?
Kieran: Deploy 4 silver bullet blasters, unleash all the lava-swimming troops and the flight squad.
???7: The flight squad... Is not within our control anymore... Smalls convinced them to battle against us...
Kieran: Bah, no biggie. Just send the Jetpack Chucks.
???7: No problem, sir. Just 1 question: Aren't you overreacting?
Kieran: No, i'm not! This is 100% underreacting!
???7: Whatever you say, sir...

(At the Valley Fortress Ruins (this occurs before smalls' part)
Mariocool1999: If we can't convince them to stop this, might as well try taking them both out.
???4: Why?
Mariocool: I'm still pissed off they banned me from there. Besides, let's end this. I'm not going to choose either side, anyways.
???10: I agree MC. Let's put an end to the salad and oranges!
???11: Yeah, let's start plotting right now what to do.
MC: Let's block out the path for either to attack. Now, let's start recruiting.
???4: Wouldn't blocking out the path be suicide?
MC: I'm talking about a wall. Go start building it, why I get recruits!
???4, 10 and 11: Yes sir!




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Cool, another battle royale!#thp{=D}

I'll be following this for sure!#thp{>:)}
The War continues....

(At the Valley Fortress Ruins)

???4: Alright... The Acid Moat has been installed (thanks ???11), some of the ruins were salvage-able so we could try to rebuild it.
Mariocool1999: Good. Now, I actually managed to get some recruits, with the help of ???10. I got some more good news: I stole some technology from the Salads side, so we could make our wall easier! Ok, just gotta trigger it... ....


???11: Uh... Is it doing anything?
Mariocool1999: Uhm... I have no idea on how to work this thing....
???10: Give it to me, I'll see the problem.

*MC1999 gives the device to ???10)

???10: Hmmm.... I see. The thing is blocked off with a password. I could hack it so I could use it. Just give me a moment....
???4: Wait, you know how to hack?
???10: Yeah. I could pull it off. After all, I hacked sites like SMWCentral before. This is simple stuff. (Crap, I should't have said I hacked SMWC...)
MC: Wait... You hacked SMWCentral? Are... Are you Arbe?
???10: Uh...... ... ... .... ........ Arbe? Who's that?
???11: Just tell us the truth, and we will spare you. Maybe.
???10: You can't force that out of me!
MC: Let's go on your computer then. If we find many proxies, you are Arbe.
???10: Might as well say it: I am Arbe. HOWEVER, I have improved. I swear! Don't kill me. If you do, my friends will kill you all. ALL OF YOU.

-----???10 REVEALED TO BE ARBE-----

Mariocool1999: Fine... We'll spare you. After all, you know how to hack into that device. Just do it, and we'll forget this whole thing. Just 1 question: Why do you want to help me?
Arbe: I'm only helping you because you are against both Kieran and Smalls. Otherwise, I'll tear you all into shreds. ..... ...... ..................... . . . . .... .... ....... ..... .......
Okay. The hacking is done! Time to use this device.
POOF! A blockade appeared, protecting the fortress from some attacks.
???4: Okay, good. By the way, where are the new recruits, MC?
MC: They said they will be here in about 2 hours. Just wait for them... Actually, just focus on getting the fortress finished, while I get more people.
Everyone else there: Yes sir!

(At the Fortress of Solitude)

???5: Sir Smallhacker!
Smallhacker: Yes, Alcaro?


Alcaro: The flag has been shot at! We managed to destroy part of the opponents flag!
Smalls: This is important, because? (We can just simply replace it once it gets worsened, anyways.)
Alcaro: It's nothing much. Anyways, one of our cannons hit our opponents, and it didn't even get destroyed! While that same cannon destroyed ours! Also, the flight squad just entered the battle.
Smallhacker: Ok. Set up more cannons now, also, find the device for setting up a shield on our fortress!
Alcaro: Yes sir! *(alcaro leaves)
???6: Sir Smallhacker! Someone stole our shielding device!
Smalls: Bah, they'll never find out the password we put on! Send some troops to find the device, we need it! Also, send more of the flight squad to battle!
???6: Yes sir!

(At the Fortress of Seclusion)

Kieran: ???1!
???1: Uh... My name is Zero-X...


Kieran: Whatever. Zero-X, get ???7 here! While that's happening, get the shielding device! It'll protect us.
Zero-X: ???7 has a name. It's Silver Scarlet. Anyways, I'll go get the device.


SS: What is it, Sir?
Kieran: Have the Jetpack Chucks got into the battle? If so, send more! Fire the cannons! Start mobilizing some other troops! Build a bridge to get to the other side! We need every advantage that we could get.
Silver Scarlet: Okay, sir. Just one question: What about the other fort that's being built? What to do with it?
Kieran: Set up 2 gold cannons there.
Silver Scarlet: Alright. *(SS leaves)
Zero-X: Kieran! I got the device! I'm going to put the shield up right now!
Kieran: Good.
......... .. .. . . . . .. ... .. . . . ......
Zero-X: The shield's up! It has some cracks on it, apparently... You forgot to fix the shield, didn't you?
Kieran: I guess. Now, leave. I got to think about what to do now.
Zero-X: Okay.


Zero-X (R)
Alcaro (R)
Silver Scarlet (R)

-END OF CHAPTER 2- () = thought. *() = action

(By the way, the (R) doesn't really mean anything, so don't worry)

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I do non-kaizo beta tests!
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A Mario and Luigi Story: The Universe's Star Demo 2:
Status: Dead until I regain interest. Link to hack thread.

This is incredibly silly.


...Silly, that is.

Go on. Put some cool parts, like battles and so on.
Also, just type Silver, not also Scarlet. It's the same thing.
The War still rages on.

(At the Fortress of Solitude)

Smallhacker: Hey! ???12!
???12: Yeah?
Smallhacker: Get some of the ground army to attack the neutral side! They seem to be getting a bit dangerous. Keeping them around will only cause trouble. Fire some cannons when you are finished.
???12: Yes sir!
(At the Army Section)
???12: Hey! Everyone! You will be all going out to war now. Lord Smallhacker is sending you guys.
???13: war? wtf is this. mario's place has custom sprites use that insted.
???12: Goddammit, Jermboy, stop mentioning Mario's Place has custom sprites. We get it, and this isn't even relating to the war at all!


Jermboy: What!
???14: Just focus on the war, and you won't be cannon fodder.
Jermboy: NES boy!
???14: What!
???15: This is what happens if we use children in war, ???12.
???12: Shut up! We use anyone if needed! Now, start the fight on Mariocool's side!
Everyone: Yes sir!

(They head off to battle The Valley Fortress (MC's fort))

???12: Wait! You forgot your... weapons. Oh God, this will suck.

(At the Valley Fortress)

Mariocool1999: How's building going on, ???11 and ???4?
???4: It's going well. We're almost done making the fortress!
???11: Sure, it looks small, but if you want, we could make it bigger.
MC: Nah, it's good enou-
Arbe: Everyone! An army of 20 people is coming towards us! Get ready, because we're in for a battle!
Mariocool: Gah! Everyone, grab anything you could find! I'll be gone for a bit, you battle, while I steal some cannons from one of the Fortresses.
Everyone: Yes sir!


???4: I found... some leaves.
???11: I found some rocks...
Arbe: I found 6 spears! Convenient! Here, ???4 and ???11!
???4: Thanks!
-3 people come to the battle-
???16: Is This The Neutral Side?
???11: Uh, yeah. It is.
???17: Perfect. Guys! This is the neutral side!
???18: We're the new guys to this side. We'll aid you in combat. Where's Mariocool1999 right now? I don't see him in sight.
Arbe: He's currently stealing some weapons from the other sides right now. He'll be back, hopefully. I have 3 extra spears. Here!
*Arbe gives ???16, ???17 and ???18 spears.
???16: Thank You. Now, Let's Get Ready For Battle! My Name Is Boncey. Nice To Meet You.


Jermboy: theyr they r! charge
???4: Get ready! CHARGE!

(The 2 sides engage in combat)

Cannon Fodder 1: We got you surrounded!
Arbe: With no weapons, how will you fight? DIE! Stab, stab, stab, and stab. All 4 are dead. Easy.
Jermboy: i got a canon. die! fire fire fire! what! canon not work this is garbich.
???17: Die Jermboy! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE (Screams DIE while charging at him, while Jermboy squeals like a little girl)
???17: Nope.avi. DIE!
(Jermboy gets killed)
???18: Guys! Help! I'm being stoned by 6 guys! They're chasing me to the acid moat! Help!
Boncey: Just Jump Over Them Once They Get Too Close To The Moat. Okay?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!
???18: Ok. HYAAH!
???15: Uh oh! Everyone, retreat! There's no way we could win against these guys!
???14: Good idea. EVERYONE, BACK TO THE FORT!
*everyone retreats to the fortress. Only 4 made it.*
???4: Ha, take that! You lost big time!
???11: Be on guard; we don't want to die.

(At the Fortress of Seclusion)

Kieran: Silver Scarlet!
Silver: What is it, Kieran?
Kieran: How's battle?
Silver: They're doing so-so. Somehow, we are losing forces faster. We mus-
Kieran: What has that?!?!?!?!
Zero-X: Some of the shield was destroyed! We can get attacked anytime now! We can't just fix it, though. The material for the shield can't be found in the fortress right now.
Kieran: What?!? Argh! Send out the rocket launcher! Add reinforcements! SEND THE HAMMER BROS. OUT!
Both: Yes sir!

(At the Fortress of Solitude)

Smallhacker: ???12! The army has done a horrible job at battling! It's your fault!
???12: They didn't take the weapons! I said for them to wait, but they didn't listen!
Smallhacker: Bah. I don't care. You better make them better. NOW. Give them hammers. Use them as Hammer Bros. Send out more of the flight squad, and more cannons. We need more power!
???12: Yes sir...
(???12 leaves)
Smallhacker: At this rate, we won't win the war... But I must stay confident! I AM SMALLHACKER, RULER OF THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE! I MUST NOT LET ANYONE STAND IN MY WAY!!!!


Zero-X (R)
Alcaro (R)
Silver Scarlet (R)


Cannon Fodder from Fortress of Solitude

-END OF CHAPTER 3- () = thought. *() = action

(By the way, the (R) doesn't really mean anything, so don't worry)

YOUR layout has been removed.

I do non-kaizo beta tests!
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A Mario and Luigi Story: The Universe's Star Demo 2:
Status: Dead until I regain interest. Link to hack thread.

I don't approve of this.

...but I can't do anything about.
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