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First version of Star Fox SNES Object Decoder, Possible Level Editor in the future.

I'm new here and this is something we've been working on but I think we've hit a dead end when trying to add more functionality. I thought you guys might be interested and may point us to someone with the knowledge to move forward. Here is the thread:,14298.15.html

The ROM hacking part of this is to extract the 3D model info and display it as openGL. It has more than 60fps and runs at any resolution, hd and everything.
We started with documentation made by VL-Tone but there isn't much more info. I was not able to contact him at jul forum either.

Here is a video of the latest version. It was made using openframeworks (c++) and the source code (not the ROM) is available (I'm just looking where to host it).

The models and paletes and everything (including the rendering methods) are extracted from the ROM and I'm sure you can modify stuff and put it back into the ROM (VL-Tone had done it).

Anyways, post anything if you guys think you can help. We would like to start ripping a whole complete Corneria stage.

Here is a capture of some of the models. Also, I've added a bit of texture support. The proper mapping is known but not easy to program (I'm not an expert programer). The textures are also read directly from the ROM itself and they mantain their "pixelated" nature.

And here you have it! :D

Including frame interpolation!
Remember you can download the original video which is 60 fps :P
The bottom mapping, what stage is that from? I don't recall seeing that anywhere. (Probably because I am going too fast).
I'm tired.

Sonic 3 Restored patch coming soon
This looks promising. I approve.

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