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Mama luigi - by nick 139

[download zip]

The concept is actually pretty interesting, and I'd love to see an actual good level made out of this famous episode, but -no offense- this level was done incredibly poorly. With a lot more effort this could be a very cool little hack, I think.

Check the spelling, and there's cutoff at the top.

Bad Initial Entrance FG/BG position.

I've probably said this at least a hundred times already, but...

If I go into a pipe...

...I should also come out of a pipe.

Missing candle sprite (E6) in the background, and Yoshi's tongue is glitched.

Overall, the whole level was very short and uninteresting (there were just a few small segments with almost no enemies). As I said, a lot more effort would be needed to make a good hack out of this.

Two other minor things. The corner rope tiles look really odd (I'm pretty sure they're beta) and the jagged rope cutoffs the water.
Those are not actually rope corners - those are the corners of green mushrooms! Do not use them! Unfortuantly, I don't think anyone ever made a graphic for rope corners (read: TAHIXHAM GET ON IT NOW! (just how you guys should GET ON ZE POINT!)).

- BlackMageMario