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How to remove the graphic glitch in the Title Screen!
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I just figured it would be helpful to post that here, in the "Ask generic Questions" thread it would be lost very soon. Anyway, feel free to move it if you think this doesn't belong here, I just post this because I think most will find this quite helpful. At least, it helped me a lot. :p

Originally posted by FPI out of the "Ask generic questions about SMW-Hacking Thread"
Originally posted by Milk

I have a question of my own:

What could possibly be causing this little white folder looking thing to pop up for about a second and then disappear when the intro movie begins? I've run back through all my backup files to see when this started occuring to see if an external patch or tool may have glitched the rom but from what i can gather it has occured since the very start - at least since from right after replacing the original SMW title with my own (the original SMW logo covered that spot up so i have no idea if it was originally there or started after i redesigned it).
Again, this only appears for about a second right when the movie opens up and then disappears permanently. I'm at a loss as to discovering its origin.

It's not your fault that this white "thing" is there. Actually, it's in the original SMW as well. The only reason you can't see it, is because the Layer3-font of "SUPER MARIO WORLD" is covering it. So far, there's no way found to get this out, so the only solution would be to use Layer 3 to cover it.

If anyone still cares, I found a solution/explanation for this by coincidence. Anyway, it's possible to get rid of it. It's tile 260 out of GFX00.bin, mirrored and loaded into the Title screen for whatever reason. It's usually part of the dust-cloud or Lakitu's cloud. So, easist way to get rid of it would be to load an ExGFX-file in Level C7, in which you replace tile 260 with tile F8 (which would be blank). With that, you wouldn't see anything anymore. I just tried that with my Title screen, which had the same problem, and it worked perfectly.


Awesome, thanks for tell us this!

I wondered what that was too.

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Strange, that never happened to me:

Screenshot 1

(if it was there, it would be one 8x8 tile above the text)

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Uh, it's not there all the time, just for a second or something after the fade in. And with your BG colour it's hardly noticable, so I would guess you missed it.

Edit: Forget that. It doesn't show up in every hack indeed. So I really begin to wonder what exactly causes this.


Too bad I need Lakitu in my intro screen >_>. Ah well... I'll come up with a different enemy if it must. I've never seen this detail either.

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So what?Is this appropriate in hacks even if you don't cover it?
Seems to me like its no different than the goomba getting glitchy for a second when at the top of the screen.

Your layout has been removed.
Yeah... it's just a detail. In SMW, Forest of Illusion 4 if I remember, Lakitu throws glitched Spiny eggs. Or at least they look glitched.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
It's the ghost over the Donut Ghost House, appering in the title screen for some reason, most likely a oversight. (So, blame Nintendo) So, it can be fixed by removing (or moving) the ghost over the Donut Ghost House.

EDIT: I might have remebered wrong, but try that...
Ah yes, I remember. Someone (Smallhacker I think) discovered this some while ago but I forgot what it was exactly. I guess you're right, that would also explain why this doesn't appear in all hacks.


I'm sorry for the almost-6 month bump, but I discovered something related to this subject.

The 8x8 sprite tile, is caused by an OW sprite. In this case, it is the overworld sprite slot B, Ghost x2 (When it comes to SMW). When a "visible sprite" (Blue bird, Lakitu, Ghost, Bowser etc) is in this area:

(Note that I removed the ghost to fix the glitch.)
It will show up the/a glitchy tile at the title screen (depending on OW sprite). Putting the sprite in the top-left corner of the area means it shows up in the top-left corner of the title screen, bottom-right = bottom-right etc. I'm not sure about the Smoke sprite, since it doesn't glitch up for me so for.

I hope this was useful information. >_>
yes, bump :P:P

probably is true: i put the lakitu in the OW and when i started the game, there was a crappy glitch on the title screen start that disappeared immediately when the movie started.!

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yes, I remember carol said that in the doc file that came with OW-sprite tool =o
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