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Are you a completionist?

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As the title says.

For me, it really depends on the game. Most Mario games i'll do, and Kirby: Return to Dreamland i've been trying to 100% as well as Sonic Generations, but most of the time I'll just run through the game.
Absolutely. I won't stop playing a game until I beat it 100% (unless it really truly is unfeasible, though I'll still try sometimes (by unfeasible, I mean things like Mega Man 9's achievement for beating the game without getting hit, and other such nonsense)).

In addition, if possible, I must play the games in a series in order of timeline/release.

For example, I understand that Final Fantasy 1 isn't the best example of the series, but given that I don't own any, I feel I may as well start there and make my way to 13.

Another example, I've played DKC1 a lot, but I've only played DKC2 and 3 just once (102,105%ing them when doing so); I never wanted to play DKC2/3 until I 101%'d DKC1, which I didn't really get around to doing until just recently.

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I'm somewhat of a completionist, although for Metroid games, I'll go one further and do extra little challenges to make the game more fun. For example, getting Space Jump as your very first item in Metroid Prime to skip the first two bosses and making the earlier part of the game easier, doing 101% in Metroid Prime 2 (avoid the cutscene right before Missile Launcher to pick it up, then go back and trigger it to get the launcher AGAIN), and most recently, 1% in Metroid Fusion, which is extremely difficult, but really fun to do. It's actually given me a new plan for trying to beat Metroid: Zero Mission's 15% Hard challenge.
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That depends. Is getting 100% fun? That's pretty much my only criterion. That usually means that, for example, if it takes hours of boring grinding to reach the super-extra-special-awesome bonus boss (hi Disgaea), I'm probably not going to do it. On the other hand, if getting 100% just means completing more levels (like in the Mario games), then I'm usually all for it.
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Probably won't, though.
I haven't beaten most of the games I own, so no, I'm not a completion. I've only beaten a couple of games 100% (Metroid Prime games, NSMBW); otherwise, I just play through the game.

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I usually don't have enough time to invest in a game to complete it, so I usually just beat games. Not to mention 70% of the games I've played have been annoying to even attempt to complete.
I've gotten 99% on Subspace in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I have no idea where that last percent is...

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I'm somewhat of a completionist too. I can't stop playing the game once I completed everything I need to, but that doesn't mean I'll completely stop playing that game once I achieved that.
Depends on how hard it is to complete the game and what I get for it. If it's absolutely nothing (Mega Man 9 and 10 achievements) or just a minor aesthetic change (New Super Mario Bros. 2), or if completion is just ridiculously difficult (Mega Man Zero 4, any RPG ever), then no, I will not bother. If, as Kipernal said, collecting stuff actually unlocks bonus levels and such (Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3, Yoshi's Island, etc.), then I usually do try for completion.


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I have intense OCD for this kind of thing, and it really does hinder my gaming experiences. I will often go for collectables above all else if they are presented to me (aka games that show the collectables on a map of sorts) but in general I really don't care to go find them (Grand Theft Auto games or others that rely on serious exploration).

As for games with missions that have extra objectives, they can just fuck right off, especially when there's no checkpoint. I will never hesitate to restart a mission the moment a side-objective is failed, and it really breaks immersion and enjoyment in a game. If it gets bad enough (I fail for more than 6 hours) I despise the game and never return to it.
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I'm a completionist in real life. It occasionally keeps me up at night that I won't see the Earth, and subsequently, the Universe end. For some reason, I really want to be there...
I am a completionist, but only when it doesn't take an insane amount of effort. For example: I'd never even attempt to get all Steam achievements in Super Meat Boy. It's impossible. I also wouldn't try to get all Pokemon in any Pokemon game past generation 2. However, I AM trying to get all stamps in Nintendo Land (although I might stop this one becaues the Racing Perfection stamp is insane to get) and I also got all Steam achievements in Binding of Isaac.

So yeah. When it doesn't take TOO much effort then I am a completionist.
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Used to be, but nowadays I see completionism as a pernicious disease that prevents people from playing what they really want to play.

If I want to go for some objective in a game, I'll of course do it, but I'm not going to feel obligated to do it just because it's there. I'm also not going to feel obligated to finish a game just because I've played more than half of it. I feel much better taking this approach, personally, though I can understand why it might be hard for some to let go.

Originally posted by Ultimaximus
For example, I understand that Final Fantasy 1 isn't the best example of the series, but given that I don't own any, I feel I may as well start there and make my way to 13.

I think it would be better for you only to play the games in the series you actually enjoy. Don't get me wrong- I've been in that mindset in the past, but it just holds you back. Forcing yourself not to play a game you want to play because you "have" to finish another one is just needlessly punishing yourself.

Originally posted by Kipernal
That depends. Is getting 100% fun? That's pretty much my only criterion.

I think I'm the same. To me, completionism is more or less doing something because you can rather than because you want to. The line can be blurry, of course.
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It gives me a mild pleasure from doing so, I find that it works well enough for me. In fact, I'm even trying to play/clean/document everyone of my games going in chronological order by system, so that I can actually play several games I own that I haven't yet, and do it in the best order I can without purchasing more.

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It depends on how much the game is oriented around it. I think I'm most likely to go for 100% completion if there are items all over the place in fixed locations and nothing is permanently missable, as in games like Yoshi's Island, Super Mario Sunshine (blue coins), Donkey Kong 64, and most Metroid games.

If it's something like completing all levels (say, in the 3D Mario games, or SMW hacks), usually. I usually go for anything optional I find on the way, so as long as I find the game fun enough to complete (in the sense of defeating the final boss) in the first place, I'll generally also complete all levels.

If it's something extremely tedious (say, reaching the maximum level in most RPGs, obtaining all items in games that have enemy rare drops (or worse, rare steals), or completing a game from start to finish N times), probably not. This seems to apply to most RPGs and games with "achievements", in my experience. Though I usually still try to explore each area and collect everything I find reasonable to collect, regardless of whether I'm going for overall completion or not. (Again, this is as long as I find the game fun enough to complete in the first place.)

Oh, and on the topic of playing games in order, the only reason why I'd try to do that is if it's a series has a well-developed storyline that connects between multiple games... though even in those cases, I've encountered the issue of a game just not being fun enough. I'd say that's what video playthroughs are useful for (to watch the rest of games that have good music and/or storyline but you don't find fun to play yourself).

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I typically only go for 100% in platformers, as I want to unlock and play all levels.

As for other game genres, such as RPGs, I generally don't do much of the extra stuff, as the main game is usually the part that holds my interest. A lot of side missions, particularly ones that go like "collect 120,000 insects and get a prize" seem really boring and tedious to me. I only "caught 'em all" in Pokemon Blue and Gold, and even then I used GameShark to cheat.
I am, sometimes to the point where it actually ruins the game for me. i didnt sleep one night because i couldnt find all the secrets in a doom 2 map so i had to check every single friggin space on every single wall. i remember as a kid getting the 96 in SMW and thinking it was a percent so i went back over every level... and it took me awhile in yoshis island to find the red coins in "dont touch Fuzzy." but yea, sometimes i actually quit playing games because i cant stop myself from trying to find everything as i go along...........not to hijack the thread.. but do you all think its better to beat the game first and then again to get everything? Or to just 100% it the first time around?
Originally posted by AlCaPwN
but do you all think its better to beat the game first and then again to get everything? Or to just 100% it the first time around?

The first time around, because I don't find it fun at all to beat the game then go get everything back. Besides, it's much more rewarding to be done with the game on the last level or boss as opposed to being done with the game after finding a random star coin in 1-2.
Originally posted by AlCaPwN
do you all think its better to beat the game first and then again to get everything? Or to just 100% it the first time around?

I usually do this, but only if I ever feel like going back to replay the game from the beginning, I'm not gonna force myself to redo it all immediately. Quick example of the last game I did this in... Persona4 probably. Except I actually ended up missing a bunch of stuff that I can't just go back and finish so when I get the urge I'll restart and try to get that stuff.
that would be my 3rd time replaying the game from the beginning
Yes but i cheat for quit the struggle.
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