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General Bugs and TODO list [Updated 6-25] (Please report all bugs here; General and Level specific)

Then why ask :)
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Originally posted by leod
Then why ask :)

lol Mostly just to make sure I wasn't being a complete idiot

I mean, if it WAS some kind of bug and I was ignoring it, thinking it was intentional, that probably wouldn't be too good XD
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Okay wow I remembered to exist again, hi.

I've got a layer 3 background that I apparently didn't get around to sending in, not sure if it's still even necessary:

I don't currently have access to my L3 water stuff (I uploaded this particular bg before things happened), but I should be able to make another one soon anyway, along with whatever other graphics stuff might be needed I suppose.
Does the end of Beach Ball Brawl (with the giant wave) have a layer 3 background yet? If not, this could fit there quite nicely.
That looks very nice for a Layer 3 background. At least, the top part does...I think the bottom part would look better with more than just solid colors, maybe some waves or something. And yeah, I agree with S.N.N. that it would fit well in that sublevel and perhaps some others.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.

I had placed in an alternate bg there since I didn't have this one at the time. I will put this one in the next time I get a chance.. Thanks Extroble. ^_^
Layout by LDA during C3.
Was going through Lily Swamp Romp the other day checking for any additional bugs that I may have missed on my last run a few months back. Most, if not all, of the bugs I found this time around have already been corrected and sent off to Lightvayne for insertion. However, as I was testing, I noticed something appeared horribly off. Somehow the aesthetic quality felt wrong. As I went in to to fix up all of the other problems I took notice of, I realized the original forest BG had been converted from layer 2 to layer 3. Yea, I vaguely remember seeing something about this in the past now that I think about it, and I guess the whole change sort of escaped me. I can only assume it was changed as a space saving measure, because I can't imagine the original quality of the BG was compromised for any other reason.

Anyway, I've been trying to fix the palette up as best as I can to retain the original atmosphere of the old layer 2 BG, especially since the current version looks like an ugly pastel smear. Unfortunately, with less colors, I can only do so much. I took a few snapshots for comparison and just wanted to get some opinions on the matter.

With Original Layer 2 Background:

With Converted Layer 3 Background as it is currently in the Base ROM:

With Layer 3 Background after updating the palette to the colors used in the original Layer 2 version:

With Layer 3 Background using another variation of the original colors to try and help mask the two color loss:

Honestly, I'm upset the conversion even took place, and I'm still unhappy with the updated results. The updated versions do look a hell of a lot better, though, especially the trunks. Still, the greenery feels too muddled and appears to be a bit on the brighter side overall. Can thank the color loss for that. Of course, my vote would be to reinsert the original Layer 2 version. But I don't see that happening, which is a shame, because the Layer 3 version looks, to be perfectly blunt, absolute shite. However, the final picture seems to represent the original look and mood the best to me and I can send an updated palette if anyone else agrees. Thoughts?

When the layer 2 was converted to a layer 3 version, I was told at the time there would be no color loss. Comparing the screenshots now I can see there was quite a change.

The change was made so more decorations could have been inserted on to layer 2 in your and other various levels if need be and along with some space saving features(iirc). I think the new palette looks great at looks pretty close to the original. Feel free to send it off if you haven't already. I had gotten your PM's but haven't had time to look at them until tomorrow.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Originally posted by Lightvayne
I think the new palette looks great at looks pretty close to the original.

Ok. I fired off a PM with the update as well as another minor fix due to a silly oversight on my part in the last fix sent over.

Makes me wonder if that BG suffered in any of the other levels it's used in or not though.
lives problem:

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.

Interesting and surprising that no one caught that before. o_O Should be a simple fix in the DKC bar patch
Layout by LDA during C3.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

I noticed it for a long time- I just thought it was intentional.

Trying to enter out of the HUB takes me to a random level.
In the latest base (7-8-14), when Yoshi eats a blue or rainbow-shell, the game crashes.

If has to do with Yoshi getting wings. The issue is known
Layout by LDA during C3.
I've been playing through the latest base, and whenever the Tanuki boss does her statue attack that sends rocks falling from above, the attack can't be stopped. It used to be stoppable by spinjumping on her twice, but I can keep spin-jumping on her indefinitely before the rocks kill me.

Edit: This issue is nowhere near as serious as any other bugs discussed in this thread at all, but it may save us some ROM space. The song "Rush Time"(appears as #53 in the jukebox) is not used anywhere in the hack, despite there being some perfectly appropriate places in world 4. (The vertical areas in Digsite Dangers and the falling ceiling area in Emerald Escapade) If the song remains unused, then it may be better to remove it from the base ROM entirely.

Edit 2: And this issue is very serious. If I stay on the bubble in the last bubble spawner in Gunky Grotto, I get pushed through the ceiling, occasionally to my death. This is serious enough, but if I stand on the left side of the bubble, I can escape the death. If I then stand at the corner of where the level hits the cave and wait for a bubble to rise, I teleport to an area with glitched graphics. I'll post some screenshots soon.
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Ham Sandwich progress: v1378 (Now with more arbitrary version numbering than ZGC!) Waiting to get around to working on it again.

I occasionally stream ROM hacks on Yoshi Lighthouse's Twitch account. Be sure to check it out!

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I don't know why but the song in the rollercoaster level is really weird: it seems to have lyrics and pretty much screws any other SFX.
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Speaking of which, why is Cumulus Chapel the only song with a Yoshi version?
It just seems like very broken continuity.
Nobody will complain about the other songs lacking the Yoshi part and when/if they notice that this song has one, they'll be like "hey cool", so I don't see a problem.
It's not like anybody cares about music past it fitting the atmosphere anyway :D
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Well, there's some level (world 3, I think) that requires Yoshi eating a blue shell... but when he does, the game crashes.
i just lurk sometimes