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custom background trouble...

hi all,

i have inserted 2 custom backgrounds so far, but when i put the 2nd background in, it overwrites the 1st background. i load them on seprate pages and try to insert it in the background, but it keeps on going back to the page with the other background. i right click and it doesnt paste in background editor. it keeps saying Tile xxxx is not within the current BG map16 page.

what am i doing wrong?
You can't use tiles if they aren't in the same page. You have to copy your tiles in one page and then you can use them together.
ok i get that part, but i went to the background editor screen after i pasted my custom graphics in the 16x16 tile map editor, but it keeps on forcing me back to a page with other graphics in the rom. (on page 10 or 11) if i paste over these graphics with my custom graphics many of the other levels' graphics look really messed up.

how can i make it so that i can use the other pages in the 16x16 tile map editor window for custom background graphics without erasing the other graphics in the game?

please help.
Level -> Change Background Map16 page

Then pick whatever page you saved your ExGFX BG's Map16 tiles on. If you saved over page 10 or 11, reimport those Map16 pages from a ROM whose Map16 pages aren't modified.

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