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CaffieCraft 4.0 - SMWC Minecraft Servers [1.8]

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CaffieCraft Survival*

IRC Channel: #minecraft @

[October 31, 2014] For the latest News, click here!

Current Hierarchy of Power

If you have any problems on any of the servers, here's the people you want to notify. Try to talk with specific server operators before the admins, if possible.

Global OpsLosoall
Survival OpsMogsiah
Caffieccino OpsMogsiah
IRC HopsPikachu

Server Rules

Global Rules

  1. Respect all other players.
  2. You are responsible for your own account. Anything that is done on your account will be viewed as done by you, and will be treated as such.
  3. Don't share illegal content through our servers.
  4. Don't advertise non-caffiecraft servers.
  5. Operators do not have to share information about the reasoning behind bans or other decisions, if a moderator chooses not to share the information, do not go around asking different operators the same question.


  1. Major griefing, including theft and the destruction of others’ property, is not allowed.
  2. You may kill and mug other players unless they ask to be left alone, which must be respected.
  3. Don’t use client mods that affect gameplay.


  1. Griefing, including the destruction of others’ creations, is strictly forbidden.
  2. Don’t make constantly resource intensive creations.
  3. Note: You may use client mods on this server


  1. You're required to read, understand, and follow the rules of the current map that is being played.
  2. Don't whine about losing a game and don't gloat if you win.
  3. Do not purposely hinder your team or team mates.
  4. Don't carry drama from games into the IRC channel or the SMW Central forums. Queries should be used in cases of personal conflict. Resolve it between yourselves.
  5. Do not leave the game simply because you are losing or the game is starting to bore you.


  1. You may kill and mug other players unless they ask to be left alone, which must be respected. If you are attacked by another player, you have the right to fight back regardless of what they say. However, if a player is targeting you and you don't want to fight, you should contact a mod instead of fighting back.
  2. Do not grief other players' residences, machines, or other property and builds. "Pranking" is fine as long as it does not cause any kind of significant permanent damage or results in valuable items/blocks being destroyed or stolen, and you do not single out and harass one player unnecessarily. Note that sabotaging automatic systems will be considered grief if it causes them to stop working properly, even if the actual damage is very minor and easy to repair.
  3. Do not cause unnecessary damage to the landscape anywhere around spawn or where people other than yourself live. This will also be considered grief.
  4. Never steal items from players' chests or other containers. This will ALWAYS result in a ban.
  5. Use chunkloaders in moderation. As a general rule of thumb, try not to have more than two to three active at once, and never set it for a larger radius than you need.
  6. Do not build machines that will strain or crash the server.
  7. Don't use mods with security features such as MFFS and thaumcraft to claim other people's property or large areas around spawn as your own. Also, don't use the Interdiction Matrix to steal people's items.

IRC Rules

  1. No flaming, fighting or trolling.
  2. No spamming or flooding.
  3. No excessive joining, leaving or nick changing without reason.
  4. No causing or bringing drama. This especially includes drama from event server games. If you have an issue with another user, bring it up privately with them or with an operator.
  5. No excessive stupidity.
  6. No illegal or NSFW links.
  7. No unauthorized bots or scripts.
  8. If you feel that an operator is abusing their powers, please contact one of the administrators.

*Survival & Caffieccino Servers

These two servers have a whitelist enabled to cut down on unwanted visitors and greifing. If you aren’t whitelisted and would like to apply to be on it, you can send a server operator or administrator a PM with your in game name and what server you would like to join.

**Event Server

As it is aptly named, the Event Server is for hosting Minecraft events, such as PVP (Player vs. Player), CTM (Complete the Monument), CTW (Capture the Wool), RFTW (Race for the Wool), and other maps. The server can be reserved for a specific time by anyone who wants to host an event. Additionally, if the server is not reserved, an event can be started on the spot. The operators/moderators for this server will be decided on a per-event basis. If you would like to reserve the server for an event, just send Dotsarecool a PM with details including what time and map you would like to play.
Can you enable nonpaid accounts and/or smwc auth?
Originally posted by nobody1089
Can you enable nonpaid accounts and/or smwc auth?

$27 (20.64 Euros judging from google's converter) is not that much, if you can't afford it, why must we go through the work to allow nonpaid accounts playable on the servers?
Just allow nonaccounts, maybe manual auth?
Don't make users throw money at Moneybags Mojang just to be able to play here.
You like their game, but you don't want them to have any money for making it?
EDIT: saw you on IRC when i was talking about this, and all i have to say is: Come at me bro!
I'm going to go ahead and say no. It's way too big of a security breach. What's stopping you from coming on under the name of an OP?

As well as that why should we endorse piracy?
SMWC's official dentist since 2011.

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Originally posted by nobody1089
Can you enable nonpaid accounts and/or smwc auth?

Very much no. Please, pay for the game. It's €20 and about $27, which is really, really cheap for a game that is still getting completely free content updates (ever remember when Notch said their was to be expansion packs? Yeah, no, I think that was a lie to keep the investors happy). Besides, these accounts could be used to grief super easily. It's just too much of a risk. Just pay the monies and keep us all happy.

Anyway, I may go play Minecraft again just to be on this server. What time is it active in GMT?

- BlackMageMario
Previously, before we lost the survival map, I had joined at around 8PM GMT and found that there were at least 10 people on, for survival. It's decreased since the temp. map but I'm pretty sure it will rise again to that (if not more) when survival has its real map. So around 8PM GMT for survival, BMM.
Um... did I get banned? All I did was make a TNT-spammer, which I was trying to break because I realized it must be lagging the server even thought it doesn't blow anything up anymore. I was kicked with the message "Just wanted to bring you back so I could record this to laugh at someday." What?

My original TNT rain machine got me no warnings when I built it back when TNT did damage. (It was of course high enough to not matter though since it blew up high above the ground.)

EDIT: Just saw "Don't go crazy with TNT." I thought it just didn't lag too much with a big, not-spammy clock. I would've ripped out the Rain machine then. :P
Re-registered as Roadsguy.
It was immature of me to use that text, but regardless, this is the third tnt spamming machine you built, and what was the purpose of building the second right above spawn? I can only assume you did this in the intent of destroying it, unaware we have disabled tnt explosion.
Just look at the chat logs. I knew it was disabled because someone already told me. Besides, it's too high to cause any damage even if it was enabled. (Test it if you didn't already remove it.)

It was supposed to be a push-button-then-another to have TNT progressively drop around a ring above spawn, but I guess I shouldn't have put it above spawn if at all.
Re-registered as Roadsguy.
exactly why did it need to be above spawn?
Yeah... it didn't need to be.

I did find out mid-building it that the inner Obsidian layer got somehow caught in the spawn protection. I couldn't break it, or anything further that I placed on it, even though I placed it. :/
Re-registered as Roadsguy.
Wouldn't it be easier to simply disable TNT explosions in creative? I know it's useful sometimes, but is a potentially dangerous griefing tool. And some people see fun on randomly exploding unexplored areas of the map like if there were no problems on doing so.

Quick question: Is whitelist enabled at moment, at least in Creative? I'm still Crying Out Loud* for my sweety cavy.
I know I could ask this in IRC, but I'm just too busy to get bothered. =V Sorry for this.

*CoL®; COL®; C0L® and variations. ®DSC Drama Corporations, inc. All rights reserved under Patent No. 5,723,765 U.S.

Originally posted by Richard Nixon
...and what was the purpose of building the second right above spawn? I can only assume you did this in the intent of destroying it, unaware we have disabled tnt explosion.

Damn, I hate when I do this. Thanks for pointing it out, Losoall.

I'd like to ask the general userbase some questions regarding the relaunch of survival.

1) What sort of difficulty would you like the server to be on? The previous world was on hard mode, for some context.

2) Regarding mob griefing (i.e. Creeper damage to terrain) would you prefer for this to be off or on? Note that if it's off, it will NOT affect the damage your character takes from creepers.

3) Regarding chest protection, we are debating using LWC as our new form of protection. Would you like the ability to protect your chests? If so, would you like them locked or unlocked by default?

Any feedback on these issues is appreciated however feedback from the staff team will not be necessary.
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I don't play too much anymore but when I did it was because of the vanilla "extremes". Hard + real creepers + no chest locking.

Hard makes sure mobs actually matter, creepers damaging the world makes sure you can't just mess around with them and with ender chests you have all the reliable locked chests you'll ever need.
I won't be playing till summer, but:

1) Definitely Hard. I don't see a reason for it to be Normal or Easy. And Hardcore is kinda extreme.

2) Depends. The thing about creeper damage to terrain is that, if a creeper explodes in someone's house that you were in, you'll have to repair it, which is kinda hellish because you might not have the matireals on you. On the other hand, having creepers damage the environment is fun at times.

3) I definitely would like chest-locking, having the default being locked.

- BlackMageMario
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