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A Mini Adventure - Ginyu AL

Hack: A Mini Adventure
Author: Ginyu AL
Reasons for Removal: this hack is incredibly confusing to me. nothing ever makes sense and it makes for a very unfun experience.

so let's dive in, shall we?

First Problem: WHAT, WHY, WHAT, WHAT, WHY

there is a severe lack of the language of level design going on here. i have no idea what i'm supposed to be doing/how i am supposed to be interacting with enemies. pretty much no thought was put into the enemy placement or level construction. i can safely say that 100% of the time i was just pushing right hoping for the level to be over and never looking back. that's not fun in the slightest.

Final Thoughts: that's really all i have to say. there are other minor things i could point out but there isn't really any point. i was baffled when playing this. and it seems to me like there was very little effort put into making this a long lasting piece. you want my honest advice? scrap it and start over. use this as a learning experience.

Originally posted by Zildjian
Final Thoughts: that's really all i have to say. there are other minor things i could point out but there isn't really any point.

I disagree. You want the hack author to learn from this, but you provide literally no insight or tips on how to improve. If I made the hack, how am I supposed to figure out how to make it better?

You should at least list a couple of the specific issues. And there definitely are some that you should have noticed, even blindly running to the right like you did.
I played through it, and I think the main issue here is incoherent level themes. The stages feel like an eclectic collection of different ideas when they should be focusing only on a couple of clear ones instead and developing them until the goal.

If you look at Yoshi Hills, for example, you've got muncher dodging, note blocks, priority-enabled dirt, a rogue bullet shooter, airborne platforms, a green coin whose purpose is just feels too messy, and all those extra dirt formations and platforms only add to that feeling.

Also, the spritework feels rather inconsistent, especially with so many areas devoid or nearly devoid of enemies. Some are put to good use, like the football chuck at the end of Football Cave, but most seem like they're just there to populate the stage and not to interact with players in any particular way, which is what I think Zildjian is trying to get at here.

Still, I agree- these points should at least be briefly pointed out in most cases. (I support the removal either way.)
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Also he don't put the Side Exit Sprite in game over;

And how am I supose to get that coin?;

Using that vine I was able to enter in this wall.Please remove the vine.;

Again.How am I supose to get that coin?;

Don't force the player to be small.
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Also the grassy palette looks really crappy.
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Originally posted by K1ngHacks
Also the grassy palette looks really crappy.

The specific reason I would name for this is that the grass shadow is yellow and not grey/black. The yellow dots don't look great, but they really aren't a problem.