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Rate the above user's avatar ("There's still people who post here?" EDITION)

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Let it begins
Rate the avatar of the user above you from a scale from 0/10. Be sure to read the rules, or the mods will find you.

Admin edit: In order to preserve the fun in this game, here are a couple of basic guidelines you should be following:

1. Give a reason when rating an avatar.
Don't just post 10/10 or 0/10, make sure you give a small commentary about the avatar explaining why you liked it or disliked it; if the avatar was user-made, you can also give advices on how to improve it.

2. Don't excessively post here.
If you post here all the time people won't have anything more to say about your avatar, and neither you will about other's avatars. A general rule of thumb is to never rate someone's avatar more than once. Also, don't change your avatar solely to post in this thread.

3. If you're not using an avatar, please avoid posting here.
Please look the thread title, you're supposed to have an avatar when rating the avatar of some user, because people can't rate your current rank everytime.

4. Read the rule 2 again.
Because the excessive posts on this thread are happening again, and we don't want to close it.

5. You can only post after each 5 posts. by OP
You have to wait another 5 post by other users before posting again.

6. Do not just post a description of the avatar above you.
Posting that is a good idea, especially for those with randomized avatars, but you MUST ALSO describe your feelings on this avatar.

7. Absolutely no bias ratings. by OP
Hating an avatar simply because it's anime, furry, homosexual, stereotypes, humanized is not a valid reason to rate it low.
Don't even start an argument with these. (You're allowed to say your opinion but it's highly not recommanded, as long as it doesn't affect your rating.)

THY edit: that title was too long
SP edit: Hi THY, I had to edit it again.
GN edit: Cut off about half the title, it's ridiculous
n/a out of 10

Picture doesn't work (in Chrome anyway) because I need to log in somewhere first.

(simple 'game' but eh we haven't had these in a while so why not)

10/10 because why not.
10/10 for the lulz.
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
can I 11/10?
looks like yume nikki 8/10
edit: dang it hypermario you got in the way -50/10

It makes me giggle for some reason.


SHINY JIRACHI FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by Unknown
There are two kinds of people in this world: those who think there are two kinds of people in this world, and those who don't.


SMW2 is a good game, but this avatar is taken right from the game.

Also, counting until closing time~


Humorous Pokemon picture, just could be done better.

Stiiiiill counting~
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
8/10 kawaii girl

It's nonsensical, in the bad way. How is Mario related to potions?

These monkeys look ugly, at least they have some kind of good
Watch out! This is extremeeeeeeeee!
Tennis + Football = Footnnis
Make your own Error Messages (they are images, so if you wanna make it for real, go on the Notepad and copy and paste this lol=msgbox("title goes here", 0+36, "message goes here") and edit some things out)

Auto-explanatory, I suppose.
2/10. The picture needs to pan down some :V

Ah, Ladida is awesome artist.
It's a nice pixel art of a, magical pokey? It's made and shaded well, but it's just so weird. And in that way I kinda like it.

And for the good of everyone, please DO NOT POST HERE IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN AVATAR. Thank you.

(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)

Aww, a infant dinosaur horse-like being with red plumber's hat.
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