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Happy Easter guys!

Looks like Mineyl's back too.

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A wild Icegoom returned!
If only for real.
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Taomb is alive again. For how long I don't know. But it's "only" four more levels to go.

I guess we can eliminate all those "what happened to Icegoom" conspiracy theories.

But really, it's great to see you back (for now)!

This better not be some April Fools' Day joke...
Well guys, time to clean things up in here. To those of you who clued in to the date, congratulations you were right ;). So I suppose I have a quick list of thanks and a few words on the prank.

1) Thanks to Ersanio for making this prank possible
2) Thanks to the 20 of you that knew about it and going with it and helping me out.
3) Thanks to the people that figured it out and didn't spoil it, and by extension for being a good sport about it.

I must admit some of your responses (Kipernal, Snowshoe, and exit1337 come to mind) gave me a bit of a chuckle. I do admit I was hoping people would clue in though that it was a joke and post as if it was one. I do think the reactions were quite interesting though, some of confusion, some of excitement, some of scepticism. While the concept didn't pan out as planned it didn't go over bad, so it was a pleasant surprise to see it work out in a different way.

Anyways, happy April fools everybody. And now I turn this thread loose to you all for a bit, what pranks did you try this year? Did they work? Or did you have plans which you couldn't do for some reason?

The prank I did in real life was I made "brown Es" and wrapped them in foil and offered them to people :P. It was kinda simple, but I was amused by the punny-ness of it. Most people thought it was funny, though one person did actually get angry at it. Can't make everybody happy, always somebody to offend :P.

Anyways, watch out for next year :D!


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

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You're an animal and a loose cannon, P4!

if you reset icegoom's pass then how will he log in if he does decide to come back


I saw that coming a mile away.
lol, it will be reseted again to the original

dat p4troll2

Oh who saw this coming?
Originally posted by MrDeePay
You're an animal and a loose cannon, P4!

How can an animal be a cannon?
goddamnit, i sad now #thp{T_T}}

Seeing SNN's post in this thread did kind of hint to me that there was a sizable chance of April Fool's-ness involved here, though.

i'm still kinda bummed though
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I'm probably retired tbh
You piece of shi-

...So I guess that means the question of "what happened to icegoom" still stands.
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...How can you guys be so evil. Yeah, that was evil. Imagine how his old, close friends reacted when they saw that name turn into a bright blue again. Even I can feel their disappointment with this "joke". You should all burn in He- I actually enjoyed it. #ab{:P}
Oh come on, doing two right next to each other just makes it too obvious. You need to space it out.
I actually wanted icegoom to come back.. meh, this put me a little sad.
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Can't say I'm in a position to complain... no regrets about my reaction either.

Welp, back to assuming he died.

(no, i didn't pull any sort of prank yesterday)

Originally posted by Egadd
Oh come on, doing two right next to each other just makes it too obvious. You need to space it out.

It was supposed to be obvious.but it seems most people missed it.
Originally posted by Egadd
two right next to each other

Two? I must be missing something.
(Unless YamiRamzaNeko's return was also a prank?)