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[W3] Valak Mountain

Link Thread Closed
I've completed my first level in SMBX and I'd like some feedback.

Link to the level, Have Fun :D (Minor Update 9-4)

Foreground: Custom - Reghrhre
Background: Demon's Crest - Stage 2 - Hadron
First off, damn you for making an ice level on a game engine that's greasy enough as-is.

The level itself is decent enough. Besides the slippery controls the level is fun, and it does a good job of introducing and developing on gimmicks in the level, though some aspects (the vertically flying blue koopas for example) did drag a bit. I also think you might want to consider fixing where you place the rexes; a lot of them are on cliffs where they easily walk off of before the player reaches them.

The aesthetics are great, and have nice touches like the ? blocks with snow covering the tops of them. However, I think the music might be a bit unfitting. It sounds like an ice level, but it's too ambient. I would think a song similar to this would fit the level better. That's just me, though, so you should probably see if other people think the song is fine.
Thanks for the feedback.

I also wasn't sure about the music (just put it in there for the reference).
I'm currently thinking about this track, but if someone has a better idea, just let me know.
Would something like this be suitable?
Both the songs you to have linked would suit, but what about - this?

- BlackMageMario
Personally, I'd rather see some lesser known music used throughout this hack game. Not that I'm shooting down the two tracks above me, but I really think we should strive to use some more underrated gems.

Here's a few I'm going to throw into the pot that could fit based on your screenshots:




4 (probably a bit too upbeat actually)


Or you know, since you named the level Valak Mountain. It actually fits too.
I like #2 the most out of SNN's choices.

BTW, you called it a hack! #w{=P}
I have to agree with S.N.N. here. You're no longer limited to the local music database, so you (plural) should be a little more imaginative in your recommendations than the same old songs SMW hackers tend to overuse. Ice Cap Zone is one song I don't want to hear at all in this game, personally. There are so many other songs out there.

I was actually going to recommend Valak Mountain ~Night~ :b

Edit: Chrysanthemum in Winter
White Glacier
Winter's Dungeon

Does anyone else feel like the ground acceleration in ice levels is just too low?
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
There were some really good tracks in there (you made it very hard to choose).
But I think I'm going for Valak Mountain Night.
Now for the level itself, any more tips?

Early-Mid Game

Congratulations for making a fun ice level, even with the "greasy" physics it still was a blast.
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