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[Accepted] An Odious Obsession

proof of concept

I'll show more as I work on it, I just wanted to throw this out there.
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Cool! I was a fan of your other level and I'm liking your plans with this one so far. Looking forward to seeing more.
I could see this being really interesting. I can't wait to see more. I'm sure you'll keep it from being tedious.


No video this time due to recording problems. There are currently two planned exits.

edit: small update
soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / buy/stream my EP / buy my touhou music
Nice level you got there. I really like the gimmick.
There are a few small things, though:

The stone block above the donut block is too low, jumping on the donut block can be tricky. You can also glitch through the line-guide platform when you're squashed between the roof and the platform.

I liked the trick with the key, but I believe this collab doesn't use key exits. You could place a locked door further ahead with a star behind it.

When you kill an enemy right after the midpoint, there is one piece of lave that doesn't dissappear.

The same sort of thing happened later in the bowser room (which was creative, to say the least). When you kill bowser with fireballs, the bridge doesn't dissappear.

Also, there was an excessive amount of feathers in the first part, maybe you should delete some.

I like what you have so far, keep up the good work!
I got permission from Sinc-X to finish this level.
I added the part with the red switch and the rainbow shell.
Any feedback/comments are appreciated.

Download Link
Had quite some trouble with this one, but it would work well for either the special world or one of the last world levels (considering this 7-6 for now). Gimmick is super interesting, execution was good (found it a bit too hard occasionally, but nothing major).

Am I the only one who thinks that having to wait in a level is inherently bad design? Sure, "patience is key" is a pretty clever hint for what it is, but the player already has to wait for the bridge to appear, which players also won't be expecting (and the player will most likely assume that's what the hint was for) and there's no indication as to where the key will spawn. I recommend placing the clock on the first red doughnut block and having the bridge appear immediately after getting the leaf to mitigate confusion.
One more thing: since "35168" and "non" are at 48000 khz, they will play twice as fast for people using LunaLua (which will be most people, I presume). I don't know how many songs in how many other levels are like this, but Wohlstand (I think) made a program that will automatically change songs to 41000 khz so they will play at their proper speed for LunaLua users:

Also, while we're at it, does anyone know where those two songs are from? I sent a PM to Sinc-X, but he/she hasn't responded. Edit: nevermind; Sinc-X responded.