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Quality Contest (Submissions) (Deadline for first round: 5/20/2013)

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NoelYoshi had a nice idea about making a "contest" for judging level submissions, we think that it will encourage people to make awesome levels and stuff for the collab, here's more info.

He wanted to find a way to reward people for their hard efforts, and this is his current idea.

Every ten levels approved, they will be thrown into a judging pit. NoelYoshi, eXcavator, and ShadowPhoenix will judge them on entertainment value, creativity, and level design. The author of the winning level can receive one of the following:

> Steam gifts totaling less than $10.
> Amazon gifts totaling less than $10.
> A SMWCentral Donation under your name of $5, allowing you to have a custom title on the site.
> Something else that we could work with, depending on what it is, if none of these interest you.

As mentioned before, the judges will be eXcavator, NoelYoshi and ShadowPhoenix. The deadline for this submitting period will be 5/20/2013 at 12:00 Eastern Standard Time. We would all like to personally ask you not to submit any level you don't want used in our SMWCentral collaboration. Don't just make a level for this contest only, we hope that you will create your level for SMWCX and enter in this little Quality Contest as well to try and receive a prize.

With this, good luck, if you have some question, post on the discussion thread. Any questions can hopefully go their as well. Hopefully, this refining of the original post can be helpful a little more. Another question should go here and submissions goes here.


Link Thread Closed