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[W2] Mellow Heights

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I already gave it to eXcavator, but from what I understand I should to post the level here too, so here it is.

I'm not sure how I feel about this level, other than that is really easy and really unremarkable. There's nothing technically wrong, but the design feels fairly pedestrian; it just feels like a lot of hills together with no real purpose other than just to exist. SMB2 enemies are rather tricky to use because they don't function like other enemies; imo, they're a lot easier to avoid and since you don't kill them by jumping on them there's no real reason to even bother them. This level would be kind of ok if it was one of the first three levels or something and just used as a tutorial level, but overall it feels way too easy and boring as it is.

Also, while the visuals are nice enough, the music is very obnoxious. I know it technically fits with the level, but it's too annoyingly cute and grasslandish that it made the level all the more unfun to play. I'd suggest a definite switch.

Early Game

Overall the spritework could be better in some setions, but otherwise it has no real problems, and I guess it would do fine as a early game level.
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