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Rate the Layout Above You
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Whoever used that VLDCX background before? LUL

Originally posted by Sample quote
Originally posted by Sample quote in a sample quote
Killing ajit pai is morally and legally acceptable, disposing of the body is where you'll run into problems.

Kingdom Hearts III when?

Oh snap!

# This program prints Hello, world!

print('Hello, world!')

Magna etiam tempor orci eu lobortis elementum nibh tellus molestie. Ac tortor dignissim convallis aenean et tortor at risus viverra. Viverra mauris in aliquam sem fringilla ut morbi tincidunt. Tortor condimentum lacinia quis vel eros donec ac. Blandit aliquam etiam erat velit scelerisque in dictum non consectetur.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.
E3 layout done quick. (Yes, this exists.)
I made this just in time for the upcoming E3 2018, which will be happening from June 12 to 14. Have you guys ready for this? Let's go~!
Reporting for you for this year’s E3. Catch it on 6:00 PM PHT.
The big reveal!
What time is it? Naptime!
One of us gets in the chair, spins around and dramatically confronts him.

Simple and minimalistic. I love it. 8/10
It's quite a simple layout really. The post box doesn't occupy the entire container in shorter posts (like the above) and there's an extra signature separator. Overall, not bad! 6.7/10

- - // - -

Originally posted by Someone
shoutouts to simpleflips

Sub VBA()
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim vetor(5) As Integer 'this array will have 6 elements
    For i = 0 To 5 'it only overflows if I use 6 instead of 5
        vetor(i) = i * 2
        MsgBox (vetor(i))
    Next i
    MsgBox ("and I thought JavaScript was wonky")
End Sub

oh wait, I can CSS again??? what?
Y'know, it's been a long time since I've seen you change your layout, Ran. I'd just like to say that the new one is just as calm and relaxing as before, and achieves a similar effect, but with more elegant graphics, in my opinion.

Rating: Previous layout +3

Originally posted by Giga
DnD is never fun - the point is to rules lawyer your way to victory
Originally posted by Drakendite
You simply fake it until you make it. Or you use some small fine print of a rule to get your way. Because as we know, if you aren't abusing something in a tabletop RPG, you aren't having as much as fun as you think you are. And you most certainly aren't pulling an Old Man Henderson.
that's actually a more important point of playing DnD; getting a high score on the Henderson scale

actor GigAmmo : Ammo
	inventory.amount 1
	inventory.maxamount 630

actor GigSpread : CustomInventory
	inventory.amount 1
	inventory.maxamount 1
	inventory.icon "SPRDI0"
		SPRD I 1
		TNT1 A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("GigSpreadActivator",1,"No")
		TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory("GigSpreadActivator",1)
		TNT1 A 0 


This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
8/10 you’re layout is really cool looking and the decorate code in the post is a neat touch

A simple layout with a SMW BG. 8/10.


Dream team (feed them, please):

Pretty basic layout with a background I can't fully see. I don't mind it though, the simpleness of it makes me kind of nostalgic.


your post box is way too far to the right, it exceeds passing your character and just exposes the insane amount of empty space in ur layout. the border is way too thicc. your link colour is literally, literally unreadable like idk why you would ever choose that colour for your links. At least your :visited: colour is really nice.

the character is good tho and could probably replace needing an avatar (having them side by side kinda emphasizes the lack of a coherent theme going on). At least your font colour is clear and easy to read. As a whole this layout just looks incredibly flat. Boring black background, boring white font, boring flat post box with thicc border emphasizing how boring and flat it is. Sorry.
Originally posted by a
Originally posted by b
how are you
i am good thanks

code LOL

my regular font is chilling like this my link is this and tbh if i get the energy to care i have to update my spoiler >
because it doesn't really look like a spoiler
< at the moment lol. My highlight colour is also pretty barf.

i want a new layout anyways now that yellow is my favourite colour but let's see if i can be assed to make one lel

I have to say, it is an interesting layout. Mostly readable (the link and code colour could be a bit darker, though), intresting graphics (although the Bart skull is IMO redundant) and quote and code animation (though that may be a bit slowed down) and interesting spoiler button. 9/10

put it in a seperate box because why not lel.
quotes lie above the post. also shamelessly stolen from yoshisland

codes are an integral part of the post

not hoping for a high score tbh

Edit: The default font changes on the layout which made my posts unreadable on certain layouts (e.g. SMO bright colour). I just have fixed it.

Yearly Forum Games post
2/10 - I'm sorry, but I really don't like this layout. In general I don't like it when you can see the background of the site through the boxes, it gives me a weird feeling of imcompleteness. Not only that, there's no cohesion between the colors, as well as thematically with a quote box that's randomly YI. The misalignment between the signature and the post and the slightly different border settings also tick me off, like a lot lol
Well it is super readable though! So props to that.

Originally posted by Koopster
Originally posted by Deputy BS
Last I checked I'm the only one in charge of this lawless town. #wario{>:|}

You're a very irresponsible sheriff

One more amongst many

<?php header('content-type: text/css');
$colors = array(
$color = $colors[mt_rand(0, count($colors) - 1)];
?> // this code is by Alcaro, but it's so simple I think he would be fine if you want to steal it

I made this cause I hadn't done layouts in a while and I was a lil tired of a blank post field, although knowing me I'll go back to it soon or just get Dino/Colors back (if I can think of a sig that's not a link to my dead Twitter).
I'll allow you to criticise the colors but there's 8 sets of them onooooo!
Pretty simple layout but its easy on the eyes and pleasant to look at. I also like the randomized colors.

My layout changes every time you F5. It's still under construction picture-wise, I'm just organising the code labels to tidy them up more. When it's finished and every randomisation can tastefully fit together, I'll see about making a layout request thread for the parameters I can execute.

This is what my code looks like.
What do you think?

Also, I couldn't help but notice how I haven't noticed
people using custom spoiler tags in anything
. What's the deal with that???


Let me know what you think!

Originally posted by Decoy Blimp
Pretty simple layout but its easy on the eyes and pleasant to look at. I also like the randomized colors.


It's hard to put arbitrary number on things because things are good for all their own reasons and applications. But 7/10

Pretty good layout. It's simple and legible, straight to the point. It's not over complicated and the gradient is very smooth.

I'm not a fan of the thick padding, but at least the signature area isn't unnecessarily thick.

i now got it 10/10
I Hate Halloween


EarthBound DeviantArt Hack!
Odd background, broken code and plain post box that clashes with the background really badly. Sorry fam but 1/10
If you're going to rate a layout, please ignore and skip this post and rate Decoy Blimp's layout above instead. I just wanted to comment on Conal's layout in this thread since I felt like the actual reply he got was, undescriptive.

Conal, your post layout looks really neat! It's incredibly blocky and 8-bit and the like, yet it has a slightly more vibrant look to it than usual. The fixed background is confusing at first but it fits the theme well. I also really like the grid that's in it, adding to the pixelated effect.

The code boxes look great! The quote boxes are almost perfect, except for a small detail. Unlike the code box, when the quote box is over certain parts of the background, its color changes to a shade of yellow rather than the magenta. I assume this is just an oversight.

The signature could be worked on a bit more, its background* doesn't really fit the look as well as the rest of the layout does. I really enjoy the pixelated look the icons have, but the Facebook Discord** icon and the Google+ icons look extremely blurry rather than just aliased. If there aren't any less blurry icons available to replace those, I'd be happy to make new ones! Or well, to try to at least.

*EDIT: I realized later that your layout uses randomized images. Oops. I'm specifically referring to the SMB3 signature in this case.

**EDIT2: Mentioned the wrong icon. My bad.

I'll agree that spoiler boxes oftenly aren't customized in post layouts, but that's just one of the few small details that fewer people tend to pay attention to. I like the styling but I don't really like how the background gets clearer on unhovered spoilers, makes it feel like there's a hole in the post rather than a part of the text is blacked out or hidden.

Overall, an 8/10. I really liked your layout and I'd be interested in seeing it get even better!

And just for the heck of it:
- TheLucraftTeam: there was an attempt. 4692251770/4807327744 for effort
- Decoy Blimp: There's not much I can complain about this layout. It's just beautiful. That would be a 9.5/10 to me.
Decoy's layout: 8/10 Nice background, pleasing colors and nice girl in the right side but a little too simple
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
Conal's just blows me away - 15/10

Decoy's is very pretty. I like the bright blues and whites a lot - 9/10

Pink Gold Peach's is nice and classic pixel art. I dig - 9/10
Conal's is just, wow! It's interesting how those quote/code boxes' colors change when you scroll. Never knew you could do that! Overall 11+/10

Decoy Blimp: Looks pretty good, but could use more detail *looks at own layout... #ab{>_>} * anyway, it's a 9/10

Pink Gold Peach: That's a very good use of colors and transparent backgrounds. I love it 10/10

LethalBrownies: old meme, bad meme -100/10 the post box shadow is good tho, so -95/10
That was joke, it's actually well done 9/10

Originally posted by RanAS
[...] I really enjoy the pixelated look the icons have, but the Facebook icon and the Google+ icons look extremely blurry rather than just aliased. [...]
That G+ icon doesn't look to be from the same set, but at the same time, I remember G+ being discontinued, so...
And, the f icon doesn't look blurry to me, it could be the color choices around the letter.


Originally posted by me, right here
right now

Originally posted by Quotes
Originally posted by More quotes
Originally posted by Even more
Originally posted by A few more
Originally posted by And now, for more quotes
no, that's all
btw, links in quotes aren't that special in this case

but:"I can't remember when...";

I think you guys forgot to include links and stuff, if you had them custom. just saying
C'mon, man, I try my best.
adakkusu-san's is pretty cool. it reminds me of windows 8 for some reason. 7/10

bold italian uuuu strike

link test

code text code text

Originally posted by person
Originally posted by person 2
blah blah blah blah


Looks fairly simple IMO...but, you forgot to disable the footer separator.

Originally posted by Sample quote
Originally posted by Sample quote in a sample quote
Pearl: Marina! What's the appeal of using a brella on this stage?
Marina: Protecting my precious Pearlie at all costs!

sample text sample text sample text sample text sample text sample text.

new Ariana Grande mv

const _Bool MY_MIND = 1;

int main( void )
    *(_Bool*)MY_MIND = 0;
    return 0;

Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.
Used for the Winter C3, but I have got the chance put this in this thread. And while you're at it, you can see all of my layouts I made in the past years by clicking here.
Getting ready for VLDC!
Something that you SHOULD even try: Thin Tofu Brownies.
Next thing ya know, they'll be saying I've gone soft. Morph, knock it off.
Ha ha ha! Would you like to make any other comments about my place being in the kitchen?
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