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(Canceled) Mushroom Battlefield

As my first attempt in SMBX, I started to work in a level based on a battlefield.

It's pretty linear, so I'm trying to make it as challenging as possible (Something like World 8).

The first section include lots of bob-ombs, explosions, bullet bills and hammer brothers. I'm currently working on a second segment that will include those tanks from SMB3.

Obviously, I will include some secrets along the way, but I'm currently working on the main path.

Also, graphics are still WIP.


First Segment:

Second Segment:
Looks like an interesting level. The main thing I noticed about it is that the first couple of screenshots give me a sort of SMB1 feel - which is both cool and a bit weird at the same time. I didn't notice anything bad other than it might be a little bit flat, and that the graphics are basic (although you have mentioned that the graphics are WIP).

Anyway, I can't wait to play this. Hopefully, it won't be too challenging - I'm still getting used to SMBX <_>

- BlackMageMario
The level doesn't seem to have any flaws that I can tell, might be a little too plain. I know making sure the level is good is important, but keeping it un-flat and interesting is too. You're doing good, do not get me wrong, but I do suggest shaking it up a little and making it look a little better.

I actually don't agree with NoelYoshi. I enjoyed SMAS1 style gameplay (except for the horrendous controls) and would love some more levels of that style. Keep doing what you want to do, you don't have to make your levels super customized.
Thanks everyone for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

I'm currently trying to make the first segment better. I'm working on hiding the Yoshi Coins and improving it overall.

The second segment will use auto-scroll and battle tanks, so it will be REALLY flat. That's why I want to make the first area a bit more interesting.
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It's been some time, so...

Test Level

I'm still thinking on some way to improve the first area, as I'm slowly working on the tanks segment.

I appreciate any suggestions.