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What's your story?... How did you get started in ROM Hacking?
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How did you find SMW Central, and end up becoming a ROM Hacker?

Well, I have always been into mario design. When i was small, I started out on this online game called super mario flash. It was fun. My mother had me all worried that downloading was bad... i guess it was because i was like... 7. Then bout a year later, I moved to live with my father. He did'nt care what i did on my laptop there, so i searched every where! I remember downloading all this stuff, looking for some sort of decent Mario creator. Then i finnaly found somthing i was happy with... it was called "SMB GameMaster". It was amazing! That was the first time i had ever actually made a complete game! Couple years later, I stumbed apon the luner magic website. It was beutiful to me! I emediatly got it. I learned all the basics from the internet, but what i didnt know, was that i was actually getting all the information, from SMW Central... well, and SMW Wiki... Then, after i finished my first game using luner magic, i realized that there are so many more possibilaties i could do, then what Super Mario World, by it's self, had to offer. That was when i joined SMW Central, and so.... the adventure begins! :D
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My friend sent me a video of a metriod rom hack innnn I thiiiink the summer of 2008. It was played by proton jon so well, I mean, you know the rest. I think I watched his first video after that until I started getting to the rom hacks. At some point he did mention the site before his TKO video and I am prettty sure I registered immediately since I had a question.

For some reason the first user I can remember seeing is Simple Bag and the first staff member I can remember was SNN, but thats on the obvious side.

I've been hacking on and off since I joined the site, but only ever submitted a short demo for a collab hack I was working on. Maybe that'll change soon...

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.


I originally tried making romhacks of Pokemon emerald, but it's really difficult.

I stumbled upon SMW hacks, and saw how easily changeable smw was.

I started making my first ever hack, Butthole mario.

I was 10/9 and i was terrible. My hack contained pretty much everything cypher said in his video what not to put in a hack. I'll eventually post an IPS, i just have to find the pc i did it on. It's probably lurking around in a closet in my basement.

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I'm busy IRL. I'll come back someday, but until then, I'm taking a break.
Watched an LP. LPer had videos of Rom Hacking. Sneakily downloaded an emulator the next week. Lurked here for a while. Bam, years later I'm here.
I watched a bunch of ROM hack videos on YouTube and thought they looked interesting but for a while I avoided downloading emulators and ROMs because of questions about legality, and also because I was intimidated by the difficulty, especially so when watching Azureblade and Protonjon, and their imitators play ROM hacks. One day I was insane and decided to play Kaizo Mario World (this was on a Mac, so no LM yet). I had fun. Then a few months later when we got a "new" Windows computer (it was only XP) I still wasn't sure if I felt like making my own levels, and then I downloaded Eversion and played through it. I thought about how cool it would be to make my own Eversion levels, so I downloaded the Eversion level editor but for some reason I don't remember, it didn't work, and I was still in that mood of wanting to make custom levels of games, so I decided to downloaded Lunar Magic and the rest is history. I didn't even play around that much exploring the functions while I was building what would become my first LM level as well as my first Kaizo level ever.

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A site where you can watch my YT videos AND be able to hit that dislike where your dislike will be visible to other people and not have to rely on a browser extension

One day I searched for a LP of a game called "Hank" I found it and saw that the let's player also had a LP of Super Mario World. In that moment I didn't really know that game and I was really interested, so I watched some parts, I think in the first part of the LP I saw he played the level WAY COOL. After that, I really thought it was a cool game and I searched for more Videos about it, and I stumbled upon a Let's player who made a LP together, but he also played Rom-hacks. And so I searched around on the Internet of how it works, and I found SMWCentral :3

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I watched some ROM hacks videos (TreeckoVanVeluwe or something like that was one of the first users I watched a SMW hack video of) and then I wondered "How that could be possible?". I also watched some LPs (that was when I played Kaizo Mario World for the first time IIRC and couldn't get past the first level). Then I went into a brazilian community, downloaded Lunar Magic and posted a kaizo hack I made there that had an title screen similar to that dolphin level from VIP5, and then that leaded me here. I made a bunch of accounts and my grammar was terrible, and my hacks were somewhat bad as well. I only started ROM hacking in 2008, for that matter.

E: Added another bit.
i got into rom hacking due to my boredom at home lol #smw{^_^} and so i would watch a lot of youtube and i came across a gut named SSoHPKC . he's a cool guy.. he doesnt do rom hacks anymore but when i watched his videos it looked interesting and thats why im here today lol #thp{:s2}
This might take a bit of time.

It all started when I was 13, and just sitting on my ass watching ProtonJon play Wacky Worlds and Kaizo. I wanted to be able to create my own levels just like that, so after having found Lunar Magic and ZSNES, the journey began. It began with blatant edits, weird design, and other flaws. Nothing special.

I was going to send a romhack known as Hand of Chaos to ProtonJon, though that never happened once I realized that he quit playing romhacks. I eventually got my act straight by stopping sneaking in bad Kaizo levels into my romhacks, and started building a romhack that would make perfect sense (even with a custom overworld). After getting bored of everything SMW after having started the new project, I took my own hiatus.

Only after I played Luigi's Adventure OSE again in 2012 did my interests reignite, and I was very determined to continue this journey. After having tweaked that project, it became the hack now known as Bowser Stadium.

After getting restarted, I decided it was time to go even further, and learn more crazy techniques. This current project of mine may seem a bit awkward in the end, since it would be a transition between old and new. I've apparently gone from trying to elicit an epic reaction from ProtonJon by sneaking in Kaizo (like Wacky Worlds did) to trying to make some of the most beautiful creations imaginable.
I learned about ROMS about 7 years ago when a friend was using Visual Boy Advance to play my (at the time) favorite game Fire Emblem Sacred Stones.
Later, I heard about this cool game called "Super Mario World" on my favorite console, the Super Nintendo. I heard about the hacking and all, then thought "Cool lol, forget this!" and forgot about it for another 3 years.

Then, I stumbled on Bikdiponabus's let's play of Kaizo Mario 64 after a long series of TVTroping about hard games, which led to his LP of Demo World, which I looked up online and learned about Lunar Magic.

There you go. And to think that I have only been hacking for 3/4 a year now...

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My history began right with Super Mario World. I always thought it'd be fun to make my own levels, but I never really looked into it or drew any until I came upon some mildly decent vanilla hacks on Youtube. That was also my first foray into emulation, of which I was only vaguely aware of due to some TASes I had seen. I have a more detailed story in my Staff of the Month interview.

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So far, YouTube Rules!!!!
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I used to play SMW on my old SNES when I was a kid. I always wished I could make my own levels and stuff. My first adventures on Internet were with the Super Mario Flash editor. Then a certain day, I decided I was definitely going to find a way to edit SMW's levels. So I googled it and found Lunar Magic.

I firstly got into a Brazilian community in the dead Orkut. Then here (the most nostalgic website ever for me). Then on SMWC. Since then, the fun at SMW hacking's been decreasing for me. Mainly the forums and IRC seem to be better hobbies. I wish I still had motivation to hack like I used to have, however.
Originally posted by some guys
Super Mario Flash

That. I designed my own levels there.

Then in REAL ROM Hacking: SMWHacking. I was seeing some SMW videos, and IIRC I saw the "Laser Suit" video. I scrolled to the comments and I saw one involving LM. So I searched and ended in FuSoYa's website, downloaded LM and all started! Months later I registered here but I didn't had activity.
Goodness, this to me dates a good 5-6 years back, it does. Maybe further.

I was just getting into dumping my N64 games into ROMs on the computer and fiddling around with them, nothing out of the ordinary. Til I discovered about Toad's Tool, for Super Mario 64. That's where things slowly took off.

To my surprise, I found fiddling with this sort of stuff entertaining, so I looked around. My next target was Super Mario Kart, where I used a program (Which I sure as heck forgot about) to create custom tracks along with custom A.I you could race against. It was a pretty easy, basic to use program, so I had a good few weeks to a month toying around with it and making a decent set of tracks, along with graphic editing via Hex.

As for inbetween Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World, I'm pretty hazy to be honest. I think I've been sorta drifting around this site since late 2009 - Early 2010. And hadn't had the courage to sign up to this til 2013. Weird, yes, but I'm feeling a tad more open about hacking.

Sure, I'm still a novice to it 6 years later, but I only do it in my free time and for my enjoyment. And whatever I learn along the way, be it with you people or not, I'm happy enough to continue fiddling around with my hobby.
I think I found SMW Central through a site called StumbleUpon. That's a place where you can select what interests you, and it displays websites that match what you specified.

I followed the site without being registered for a few months, I think, but the idea struck me one day to register.

My foray into ROM hacking began because I found SMWC. SMBX was very interesting, and SMW hacking looked pretty cool, so I downloaded the tools and began.

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I used to imagine Mario and Yoshi's Island levels in my head while I was daydreaming at school. One day a fellow student brought in a Texas Instrument calculator with a Mario level editor. I was excited to finally design my own Mario levels but I didn't have my own TI calculator. So I searched the internet for Mario level editors and stumbled across Lunar Magic and Acmlm's Board. And that's how I got started. The end.
I always wanted to design my own levels and stuff. One day I was watching a video and it said to read the description to hack your own levels. So I read it, unlike most people. Then I found one of the users website. They linked it here as the main website and well it happened.


In 2008 I was randomly searching Youtube and came across these selection of videos. After watching, I searched for "Super Mario World Hacking" and came across this site. From there I decided to try my hand at Mario World hacking.

I've for awhile now stopped and probably won't pick it back up but that's another exciting story.
I actually started rom hacking, at least very recently and with Pokemon gba roms. I'm currently working on a project, which actually was just me screwing around with gba, and a hex editor.


My PKMN Rom Hack Project Thread
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Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - What's your story?... How did you get started in ROM Hacking?

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