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The General Favorite X Thread: Webcomics

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Let's face it, we all kinda want to tell what our favorite x is and the current Talk rules tend to limit that. Well, I've made a thread that will allow people to let out their favorites. (a second one, since the top ten thread kinda died)

The general basis of this thread is simple: each week a different “favorite” topic will be introduced. This can be about video games, site-related things, every day objects, etc. Then you just post your favorite of said topic. It can be one favorite, multiple favorites, a top x list, basically there's no standard guideline. There's even only a couple rules you need to follow.

1. Do NOT post one-word posts, or basic lists. Put as much content as you can in your post that explains what the favorite is and/or why it is your favorite. The entire reason the rule against favorite threads was made was because of low content posts, and the best way to prevent that is by posting plenty of content in your post. A minimum of 3-4 sentences for each favorite is recommended.

2. No posting favorites for older topics. The title of the thread and OP will be updated to keep up with new topics, so this shouldn't really be a problem. Still, it's best if the thread keeps focus on one topic at a time to avoid confusion. Older topics may also get revived anyway in case I run out of ideas several people missed an opportunity, which will probably happen over time.

On a minor note, my topics *might* be a bit biased towards certain topics, though I'll probably get “guest hosts” to spice things up so they can add favorites that they want.

Anyway, the first topic:

What is your favorite “Indie” (independently-developed) game? Do you have a favorite Indie developer?
My favorite Indie Game has to be Super Meat Boy. There's three reasons why.

The first one is the difficulty and gameplay. I like how it's actually a hard game, and for me, it felt nice to have a platformer with difficulty. It felt like a refresher from the easier platformers that were made recently.

The second one is the graphics. They're not that simple, but not really complex graphics. They're just pixel art, but to me it gives the game more of a nostalgic and simple feel.

The third reason is the music. The game has a really great and dramatic soundtrack. I can't even name a song in the Soundtrack that I dislike.

My favourite Indie game would be Minecraft.

Pretty much the main reason why is that I've never had so much fun with a PC game until I played TF2; I played in Alpha, and trust me, there is a hell of difference between what Minecraft was and what it is now. The Minecraft back then felt more strange and creepy; you didn't know what could happen in it.

Now, it's more of an adventure and building game (OK, those of course were always the main points in Minecraft, but there were presented in a different way) with less of the weirdness and creepiness of the older versions. Still, I love the game and have always had great fun with it.

I guess another Indie game up there would be the Binding of Issac; I like how it's similar to the original Zelda games in way and the random duegones every time is pretty cool.

- BlackMageMario
1- My favorite indie game? Spelunky I think.
Because the game is short but there is so much replay value since the levels are randomly generated and the game is hard so you can die a lot and restart immediately. Every runs are different. There's also a level editor and lot of secrets.
And also the game is free.

2- I don't have a favorite Indie developer.
My favorite indie game is Terraria at the moment. Just got into it this week, although I had it around way before, but I never really felt like playing it.
As for why I like it, the bosses and enemies are always a hazard and don't get too easy, as you always have new places to go to, or hardmode around the corner and you get some great rewards, so it's really fun to go exploring and fighting bosses.
The environments are also quite fascinating and have given me lots of inspiration.

I don't really look too much at who made which game, so I can't really answer the second question, but if I had to choose it would be Team Meat, simply because they made some good games and they are the only developers who stuck in my head.
Not sure if it's an indie game but I'd say Bunny Must Die. Pretty fun metroidvania styled game with REALLY good music. Many secrets to discover and two storylines (though only one can be played at the beginning) that takes places in the same areas of the game, but they have different gameplay in an unique way, that's what I loved most of the game besides of its music.

Also Cave Story, the original version.

As for an indie developer, I don't really know.
Cave Story was one of those games that really awed me when I first played it. At a time before I had joined SMWC, I had bought a GP2X, a portable made completely for homebrew games and the like, and a port of the game was on the disk that came with it along with a lot of other games. I installed a few of them, not knowing what to expect,and Cave Story was the one that I really fell in love with.

At the time I just assumed it was some obscure, old PC game that was remade specifically for the thing (like I said, I started playing it knowing nothing about it, I had never heard of the game before). It was a really charming game through and trough. I absolutely fell in love with the characters, music, and metroid-esque gameplay. I loved all the little secrets in it as well. I could tell that a lot of love was put into it by whoever the developers were. Once I got around to looking stuff up about it, it turned out it was a fairly recent game, was relatively popular, and was developed by one guy over the course of five years, something that really added to the charm for me.

It honestly is one of those games I will never forget. There might be better indie games out there, but this is really one that has a special place in my heart.

As for other indie games (or doujin games if you prefer, basically the same thing in essence either way), I really love the Touhou series. I started out with Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and fell in love with the music and challenging gameplay. Even though I did terribly at it, I found it really fun. I played Scarlet Weather Rhapsody after that and was significantly better at it than I was EoSD, mostly because I was used to fighters more than I was bullet hell games.

I stopped playing them for a while until I got back into them with the PC98 games and Imperishable Night. They really renewed my interest in the series in general.
I'd have to say that my favorite indie game would be Minecraft as well. It's so expansive, and you can do so much - you can play the game forever, really.

My favorite game is tied between Minecraft and Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. C&C is a really fun RTS game, and I had a lot of fun playing through the campaigns, skirmishes, and multiplayer stuff, plus using the world editor. Definite recommendation if you like RTS games.

Now, change of (or addition to) topic: What is your favorite IRC client? Mine's probably HexChat, although MetroIRC looks promising.

EDIT: holy derp I need to read OPs. Disregard above.

Celarix | [email protected] | Avatar by Uhrix
So far, I guess Copy Kitty would be my favorite. I have far too little experience with indie games in general. I'd like to get more, but in the meantime... A lot of the ones people often site, though, seem like they wouldn't be my cup of tea, such as Cave Story for its nonlinearity and "how was I supposed to know this without a guide?" moments, and Super Meat Boy for the difficulty. VVVVVV is considerable, but I feel like the gravity flipping would be too hard to get used to. And I guess if the Touhou games count, well, I feel like if someone made such a game that was a little easier, maybe had more likable characters, and mainly, wasn't subject to the same things that turn me off more conventional shooters (no checkpoints, losing a lot or all power on death), I might actually like it. In my experience, I'm at least marginally better at bullet hell games than traditional side-scrolling shooters, because they depend somewhat more on pattern recognition as opposed to quick reflexes (to a point, anyway...). the Giana Sisters games count as indie? I've been wanting to try those; they'll probably be some of the first games I get this summer (at least, Giana Sisters DS and the one on the Ouya; Twisted Dreams will have to wait until it comes to the Wii U eShop). And I actually do have Minecraft because my brother used to be obsessed with it, though I haven't tried playing it much. Obviously, with my severely limited experience with indie games, I don't have a favorite developer, though I hope that Entanma Project goes far.


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Since I don't play indies at all... #smw{@_@}

Originally posted by The Secret Exit
What is your favorite IRC client?

For my PC, HexChat. Not that I have tried anything other than that and Mibbit, but it's pretty complete for me. I don't think I'm going to try any other unless it's an update for HexChat.

On my Tablet, I use Yaaic. It's very user-friendly. I heard goods about AndroIRC, but I wasn't able to get it installed.
I mentioned it on IRC, but please keep the focus on the topic I've chosen as to keep a focused discussion. I can probably implement that topic later, or someone else can bring it up during a guest host week (which I've figured out a system on that I'll introduce on Friday).

To imamelia, I would say Giana Sisters counts as Indie, since that's what Steam considers Twisted Dreams to be. It's harder to tell what's indie back before downloadable services made it much more obvious.

Anyway, I might as well throw my opinions out. As far as favorites go, Binding of Isaac takes the gold. It's my favorite shootemup next to Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Both games have the Robotron 2084 style as well as similar themes in horror, but whereas ZAMN was campy and comedic, BoI is much more bizarre and creepy. Everything from the items, power-ups, enemies, bosses, and even some of the characters themselves are all weird, thanks to Edmund's fantastic art-style. The gameplay itself is well-designed, though some might be drawn away from the luck-based system the items go through. Either way, it's one of my favorite games and what I think is the best Indie game.

Other indie games of note? Cave Story comes to mind; it has great music, great graphics, and it's fun exploring the world. I also consider the main driving force of the indie game phenomenon that has been going on. VVVVVV is a cool platformer with excellent music and a fun gimmick, though it's pretty short. The Knytt series is also very short, but it makes up for it with great exploration and graphics that range from quirky to gorgeous. While I personally don't think Minecraft is that fun of a game, I will say that it's very innovative between it's massive size of worlds and the amount of freedom it gives players, which I'm sure have revolutionized the industry. Bastion, Touhou, Castle Crashers, Dino Run, there's honestly just a ridiculous amount of indie titles I can think of that are great.

As for favorite indie developer, I've got a couple. PixelJam is pretty overlooked and has made so great overlooked titles like Dino Run SE, Potatoman, and Snowball. Edmund aka Team Meat made BoI and other titles like Aether and Time Fcuk, so they're up there in my book. And WayForward also comes to mind with the Mighty series and has one of the best VGM composers ever work for them: Jake "Virt" Kaufman
First and foremost, the topic of the week; I went with a pretty easy one.

What is your favorite restaurant to go to for dinner? (at home is an option) What's your favorite dinner-time meal?

I've made it easy so I can introduce the mechanics for the guest host topics. For every third topic, I will choose a host. This is done based on who wants to host a topic. In order to qualify, you must:

-Post a quality post for the topic before the guest topic. (Meaning this topic.)
-Mention in the post that you have a topic idea.

That's it really. I'll then select someone at random via rng, who will then choose a topic of their choosing (quality of topic may vary). They'll then have to wait for their opportunity to suggest another topic (I'm considering either 5 or 10 people per list). Should be simple enough.
There's a small restaurant a few kilometres from my house, called "Bendito", and they make some absolutely delicious chicken sandwiches.

As for dinner time meals... there are some really yummy meals, so I can't decide. I think fried chicken, smashed potatos and fried eggs are my favorites. Noodles too, sometimes.
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Moe's is my favorite restaurant at any time of the day. Their burritos are definitely higher quality than Taco Bell and they just taste so good! Plus the one near my house has this now.

I don't really have a favorite meal, because I'm not a basic eater in the slightest. I can eat almost anything and it not be a problem.
There are quite a few places I enjoy dining at, but in recent years, one my favorite places is a local joint called Sushi Palace. They've got all-you-can-eat sushi and it's pretty damn good. Particularly this one thing called the Edison Roll, which has shrimp tempura on the inside and spicy crab meat on the outside. Good shit. Another good dish they have there is spicy seaweed salad. You gotta make sure you order as much as you can actually eat, because they charge extra for leftover food.

As for favorite dinner time meal, I'd say some form of pasta. My dad makes a whole bunch of pasta dishes that are really good, like pasta with seafood (clams, calmari, mussels, and shrimp) and pasta with olive oil, garlic, and roasted breadcrumbs.
There is a restaurant far away from where I live, and it's so far my favorite one. It has one of my favorite meals ever, which is a rice with pancakes, meat and stuff.

As for my dinner-time meals, guess I choose pizza. It's so tasteful and delicious, especially with pepperoni. Mmm.


Favorite food?

Definitely Teriyaki Chicken (From Edo Japan).

It's absolutely amazing. The meal you get contains (steamed?) carrots, cabbage, etc.

And you get hot sticky rice, topped with delicious grilled teriyaki chicken, with teriyaki sauce poured on top of it.

Oh, sorry. Here's a picture (this one is with the Bento Box, amazing too).
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Favorite food? It's hard to say. I really like pizza (especially Papa Murphy's), sushi, stir-fry, cheesecake, really well-made sandwiches...I don't think I could pick just one.

Edit: Wait, favorite restaurant? I guess any buffet would qualify, because I can get as much food as I want for one price, as much of a variety as they have, and dessert (which we almost never get when going out). Of the non-buffet restaurants, I guess maybe I'd go with The Mustard Seed. I love Chinese food and that place has some of the best, though it is quite expensive and is a rare treat. Of course, I'm lucky enough to have two parents who are both good cooks, so I generally get pretty good food at home (for dinner, at least...most of the time, I'm on my own for the other two meals). A few perpetual favorites are lasagna and grilled/barbecued chicken or pork.


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What is your favorite restaurant to go to for dinner? (at home is an option) What's your favorite dinner-time meal?
You call this easy? I love food too much to even wanna think about picking only one favorite, tho if I had to choose one restaurant, I guess it would be Olive Garden. Italian food is visually appealing as well as tasting extremely great. Jimmy John's is good too and fast but I went there too often so I kinda got used to it.
Favorite dinner time meal would be pretty much any kind of hamburger helper pasta meal I guess, with cooked veggies in it and a side of fruit.
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Originally posted by imamelia
Favorite food? It's hard to say. I really like pizza, ..., cheesecake, really well-made sandwiches...I don't think I could pick just one.

Pretty much the same case for me. My overall favorite dessert is Cheesecake and my favorite food to eat besides that if I had to choose would be sandwiches - given that I have enough variety of meat, cheese, and some other good ingredients to keep it interesting. I often go for weird combinations like Mayonnaise and Steak Sauce, but sometimes I just keep it simple. It can be like Pizza in the sense that there's many different flavors you can achieve except it is easier to make and quicker. So Pizza is another one. This mostly goes for what I get/make at home.

As for restaurants, not too sure as I like variety. But I have to say it is most restaurants that fill the bill for offering burgers. A real close one would be Chinese and then Mexican. The favorite type of those would be buffet style. There was this really rare one that offered to let you take out a box. I forgot most of the details as it has been years. I think it was a certain time frame possibly as most places do not allow this.

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