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The General Favorite X Thread: Webcomics

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Favorite food? Tacos, no question. I like how customizable they are, and they are difficult to not do right.

I used to live in Tallahassee, Florida where there was a Mexican restaurant called La Fiesta. Best tacos I have ever had. I mean it. They charged for the chips, though. My dad and my grandpa went there for Cinco de Mayo every year, then had to call my mom to take them home because they both drank themselves to oblivion. My... oh my...
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Food: Why. There's just so much you can eat, it's impossible to choose. I suppose my favorite would be strip-loin. I've always had an affinity for meat, and meduim rare with salt? Just...

And of course, my restaurent of choice would be subway. Just something about the subs, i don't know. I guess i just like sandwhiches i guess.
(I would've added a favorite but it's kinda late so...)

I'm not sure I explained guest hosting well enough. If you've got a topic idea, then let me know in your post in some shape or form. I'll do guest hosting every other week from now on so let me know if you have an idea.

Ok so I changed the rules. Fuck you!

As for this week's favorite:

What is your favorite video game franchise? What's your favorite game out of that franchise? Least favorite?
I guess the Donkey Kong Country series. My favorite would be Donkey Kong Country Returns, and my least favorite is the original DKC. I'd count the Donkey Kong Land games in this as well, but I haven't really played enough of them to rank them. I suppose my second favorite would be Super Mario Bros., and within that, it depends on which games you classify as part of the same series or not. Of all the 2D Mario platformers, my favorite would be Yoshi's Island, but out of just Super Mario Bros. 1-4 and the New Super Mario Bros. games...I'm not sure. SMB3 would probably be my favorite, though I suspect New Super Mario Bros. U might rank higher if I hadn't played it after already playing the other New Super Mario Bros games and getting somewhat sick of them. The Lost Levels is definitely my least favorite, though. My third favorite series would be Mega Man, and assuming we're only counting the original series, 9 is probably my favorite and 1 is my least favorite.


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I'd have to say the Splatterhouse games, because (barring the 2010 remake) they were unprecedented for their time. No one had ever really seen blood and gore in a game before, since the series even precedes Capcom's RPG classic Sweet Home. Basically, Rick and his girlfriend Jennifer go to this haunted mansion. Jennifer is captured/enslaved/kidnapped/gangbanged by a bunch of monsters and Rick has to go save her with the help of a mysteriously freaky mask. Four times.

My favorite game in the series is a toss-up between the first two. They both have fantastic stories and the gore is ramped up in these two. They are both single plane beat-em-ups (think Ninja Warriors), as opposed to the third being a full beat-em-up (like Beats of Rage) and the recent remake being a full 3D game...but I think I'd have to give it to the original, since there are definitely some memorable boss fights in that one.
Biggy Man and Stage 5's Boss

My least favorite would be Splatterhouse 3. Great concept, poor execution. In making the move to a full plane beat-em-up, the game becomes either stupid easy or batshit hard.

Oh, and Jennifer in her birthday suit (in the 2010 remake) is always a plus in my book.

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Originally posted by Doopy Buckride
What is your favorite video game franchise?

Damn, that's a HARD question. I'm in a situation in which I can't say that I like "X" more than "Y", because both have separate aspects that please me. But considering the franchise that actually captivated me so much to make me unstoppably play all/most games of the whole franchise itself, and even replay most of them, then I guess the Ace Attorney series comes to mind. It's just like I said. I was so addicted to it, that I was beating each title in 2~5 days maximum. The suspense, the story(ies), the emotion, the characters, the music, the logic, the "OBJECTION"s... I could go on and on.

Originally posted by Doopy Buckride
What's your favorite game out of that franchise?

Another hard question. I guess the 1st one (Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney), because I love each episode in this one, though my favorite episode in the series is the last one of the 2nd game. The music in the 1st one is also my favorite. The 3rd one comes close, but...

Originally posted by Doopy Buckride
Least favorite?

Definitely the 4th one (Apollo Justice). I like the music, but the stories of each episode are meh, the main story is meh, the characters are meh, and it looks like that they made this game just to blatantly kill the Phoenix Wright saga/inner series/whatever (I'm just glad they're reviving Phoenix (lol irony) with Ace Attorney 5). The "Perceive" gimmick is nice though. I like it a bit more than the Magatama gimmick of the Phoenix Wright saga.
Originally posted by Doopy Buckride
What is your favorite video game franchise? What's your favorite game out of that franchise? Least favorite?

By now I can safely say that it's the Metal Gear Solid series. It has easily the most ingenious plot I have seen in a game series to date. As for my most favorite, I'd go with MGS1 with MGS2 being my least favorite, though it's still an awesome game so I can't classify it as a bad game per se.
1. I think the Mario Series, i don't know.
2. Super Mario World, you can fiddle around with it a lot#smw{;)}
3. I don't really have a least favorite, but if i need to chose, Super Mario Bros. 2.
1- Probably the Legend of Zelda (LoZ) series. There are some really awesome games there, and I love the style that LoZ games use.

2- Majora's Mask. I love the gameplay and the darker atmosphere, it's just awesome.

3- I don't really know, all the Zelda games I played are awesome. Probably Minish Cap, but it still is a very good game.
It's just not as good as OoT/MM/etc imo.
My personal favorite series is actually the Kirby series. It just feels like out of all the big franchises I've played, this one seems to have the most quality titles in that there's no kirby game I've played that I've disliked. They're all great platformer games, and even the spin-offs like Kirby's Avalanche and Kirby's Pinball Land are still fun to play.

I'd say my favorite game of the series is Kirby's Adventure. While both Dream Land 3 and The Crystal Shards had great innovations, I think Kirby's Asventure did it the best with high-quality level design and excellent graphics and music, especially for the NES. I'd say least favorite is Kirby's Dream Land, since it lacked a lot of elements many of the later games had. It's still a fun platformer, though, just not as fun as the other games.
I'd definitely say the Megami Tensei franchise. As I've said before I really have a love for religion and mythology in general, and the entire franchise is one that strongly revolves around such.

It sort of like Pokemon, where you have recruitable monsters, but they're all different gods, godesses, demons, angels, and general fantastic creatures from different religions, mythologies, and heck, even some urban legends. You can have Thor, Amaterasu, and Cerberus on the same team while in a boss battle against Beelzebub, who you can fuse yourself and use as a team member after you beat him.
Though in most games I usually just end up having a party of Megami and chicks with wings the majority of the game.

Unlike Pokemon though, it's more like a traditional JRPG. Your character levels up and can fight, you can have up to three demons out at a time in most games compared to Pokemon usually only allowing one out except in special battles and the like, no multiplayer (though it would be hilariously broken in most games considering how flexible fusion and customization is in the games), there's more story emphasis, and multiple endings.

I'd have to say my favorite in the series would have to be Strange Journey. It pretty much introduced me to series, had a great sci-fi like atmosphere and plot, a fun battle system, and was in general an interesting and fun game. I'd probably say it's one of the best games for the DS.

Least favorite would probably be Raidou Kuzunoha vs the Soulless Army. I mean it has an interesting story and the like, but. it really starts feeling quite repetitive with all the backtracking you have to do through various areas.
Wow, can't say for sure... If Sonic stopped at S3&K, I'd say Sonic, but the 2D to 3D didn't work at all and the series is scrapped. I love Mario too, but I'll choose Megaman. I just like the simplistic yet effective gameplay.

As for my favorite... If I can pick from the X series, I'd take Megaman X. If I had to pick only in the original series, I'd say Megaman 4 -∞. Yeah, ROMhack, but that's just the most epic adventure I ever had. Hard as hell, but epic. The translation is crap (fortless lol), but I don't care, the bosses are epic. Just watch this. No ROMhacks, I'd choose either MM3 or 4, can't say for sure.
I guess I would have to say Mario, just because I've played most of the games in it. In order of favorite to least:

Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario World
Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Super Mario 64
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Super Mario Bros.
New Super Mario Bros.
Sorry for the delay in question picking.

What is your favorite webcomic? Any favorite strip or arc?
I like Tim Buckley LOL

my favorite is his loss comic...
Homestuck :V

but seriously, my favorite is actually the oldie 1/0, which is a huge project on post-modernism with no fourth wall (for some characters). I also regularly read Questionable Content, and I'm working through Homestuck. Darths & Droids, The Order of the Stick, and Brawl in the Family are cool as well.
Homestuck. The characters, the music, the plot, it's all just wonderful. It's the perfect webcomic for me: it appeals to my sense of humor, engages me in a thick, grand plot, and keeps my attention really well (even Act 1). It's just fantastic.
My favorite webcomic is Homestuck, as I'm sure many of you know. I just love the plot, the characters, and the music. It's truly unique and really well done.
Homestuck. Cause you know.

It's the only one i've read.
Either Darths and Droids or Order of the Stick, not quite sure which. I do have some other webcomics I like, but these are two of the best. They also happen to both be tabletop RPG related.

Also, this is my first post in quite a while.
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