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[W7] Dark Dungeon

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As the title suggest this level will be a Ddrk dungeon. I will be using Regrhre's NSMB ghost house graphics for the FG, his recolor of the SMB3 fortress background for the BG, and this for the music.

The level design will be based mostly around SMB3 especially boos and twomps, but I will also add a few SMB2 ones such as sniffits and nijis. I'm planning to make two sections for this level, the first one will just be a regular level while the second one will include moving platforms that may submerge into lava, there will be a midpoint separating those two sections. Also, I'm planning to make this level a bit hard, so it might be a good idea to place it in the later worlds. If I'm not too busy, I might have this level ready in 2-3 weeks.

Suggestions are welcome. Also I haven't been following the discussion on the project, so if there's anything I should know that isn't stated here or in the first post of this thread let me know. Finally here are some screenshots (note: I will recolor the lava and podoboos to make them blackish later):

Nice to see you're giving a try on SMBX.

As for the level, it seems great, as for the lava palette, doesn't fits well with the level, it's probably minor, but should be my only complain, as for the rest of level, I really liked, anyway, hope I see more from your level, you started good.
Your level looks good from those screens, aj. The only thing I can may suggest is to fix the lava palette, it looks a little weird. Also, some dungeon decorations would be cool, if you can.
To anyone suggesting the lava palette fix:
Originally posted by aj6666
(note: I will recolor the lava and podoboos to make them blackish later)

Anyway, this level is looking great. The only thing I'm concerned about is that first jump in the 4th screen.
I have the first section done and ready to be tested.


I haven't changed the lava palette yet, also the door at the end doesn't work because the level is unfinished. I'll probably have the whole think next week.
Status update: I have finished the level, now I need to do some proper testing and add decorations, once I'm done, I'll provide another playable. I will have it ready in a few days. In the meanwhile, feedback about the first section (linked in my previous post) would be appreciated.
Played through the first section and I don't see any issues that need fixing. The only thing I would suggest is adding Coins to some areas and maybe a couple of Yoshi Coins somewhere.
Final version

Suggestions and feedback is welcome. If I get none, I'll PM the level to eXcavator.
Okay, I just tested your level and I admit that it sure was a great and well designed level.
The stage was overall pretty hard and should be put into either the second to last or final world as it requires navigating through a more or less small corridor with limited space so you need to carefully plan ahead and react accordingly (especially when it comes to manipulating Boos; at one place in the second room I misused them as platforms for spin jumping and reaching the next platform that rose out of the lava).
The second half of this stage is considerably harder than the first half yet never feels inadequate hard.
The visuals are very nice. I noticed that this game tends to use backgrounds from the original source and combines those with custom forground tiles (Desert Dungeon, the factory level etc).
As for criticism: Maybe you can give the Fireballs that come out of the lava the same dark red palette as the lava. Currently it looks somewhat weird that said fireballs have the original lighter red whereas the lava is drawn in a darker red.
The blue Koopas that are encountered in the second room could be switched with red Koopas since it fits the tone of the level which seems violet and dark red.
The two giant plants that will be faced in the second half of your stage are way out of place in my oppinion and could be replaced with fire spitting Piranha Plants.
Overall a very well designed late game level you created there though! :)
ACCEPTED (Late Game)
Awesome level! Extremely tight design, and it really forces players to slow down and consider every jump. Graphics and music are both great. Quite difficult as well, I personally see this as being the fortress in the last world, or something similar.
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