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(Canceled) Lullaby Fountain

I think I'll likely have enough time to work on a level for this project, which hopefully is a bit more helpful than simply spitting out a bunch of words and providing nothing for people to actually go on. That said, I'm always open to submitting something to a new community and getting a different take on it, so this should be fun!

Lullaby Fountain is an ice-themed stage. I don't plan to make this level too complicated - I'm aiming to make a simple, straightforward ice level that will likely only require perhaps four-ish minutes to complete. I tend to dislike certain community's tendencies to promote "non-linearity" in the sense that, in their eyes, a level isn't adequate unless it takes place in a big, sprawling labyrinth of a space. My aim is to make something very simple and breezy that feels Mario-ish and doesn't overstay its welcome. Feedback is always appreciated, and I should update this as more of the level reaches completion.

E: Marked as canceled, as the author is inactive.
The graphics are very nice. That's about all I can say for now, once you get some more done I'll test your level and give you some more feedback. Any idea of what song you're going to use? If not, I or somebody else could give you some suggestions, or you could check out the suggestion thread.
Thanks for the feedback! I was thinking about using a remix of the rainbow resort theme from Kirby's Adventure, but nothing is set in stone quite yet. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm totally open to them.
Loving the graphics Din, I always have loved ice levels #w{<3} Rainbow Resort is a great song! but I also suggest you the theme "Boundaries" from Romancing SaGa 3, it's a great icy song in my opinion #w{=3}

Keep up the good work! :D