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[W6] Silver Tanks

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Hey ya!#thp{=D}

I decided to give this SMBX a shot. I have to say that it's easier than LM. Also, while doing the level, it reminded me to my old times, when I was accustomed in doing level with Mario Worker, just for fun.....

Anyway, my level is called "Silver Tanks". The level coinsist in going trough the abandoned tanks.....well, okay. I haven't planned a story: I just focused on level design.

The level difficult is pretty hard, I think. Maybe it's just me, or the LOLWTF different gravity, who knows.

Have some screens of it, here:

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

Plus, I decided to share a playable, because I really need feedback. Level design isn't my strongest point, so...
Going to send what I've done. Thanks to people who posted, your help has been useful.#ab{:LOL:}
Good to see you're giving SMBX a try. #w{=3}

Honestly, the level design is not bad. Also, I would suggest you to hide the Dragon Coins over the level.

About the level difficult, it's indeed hard, but SMBX plays like Super Mario Bros. 3, so it takes some time to get used to it.
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Oh boy reviewing a stage. Ugh.

Nah, I can attempt to review. The level design is tricky, but it is fair, which is what counts. I was a little ashamed in the lack of decoration in the stage (with a few cacti and piranha plants only), but for the most part, I enjoyed this stage. Also totally expecting a Touhou based stage.

Overall, despite the lack of decoration, I found the stage fun.
Thanks for the feedback, people.#ab{:LOL:} I'll sure add some Yoshi Coins in order to make the level more fun, and some decorations aswell.#ab{;)}

Some new screens coming soon, I guess...#thp{=D}

Late Game

This is the first time I have ever played a level and felt it worked better as an absolutely ridiculous every-sprite in the game level. Definitely worth having it for the late game.
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