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(Canceled) Underground Waterfalls

I've found an old level on my computer, I'm going to make a new and better version, as for now, I have some screens of the first room of the level, when finishing it I'll post a demo, but as for now, you can judge the level for the screens below, so have fun, I guess, be sure to know it's still a WIP and the difficulty is supposed to be "easy" because it's a level for the W1 or something like.

The graphical style on this level is more focused on SMB3 and SMW, I'm considering to change it, if you have thoughts or suggestions, feel free to post here, I'll be glad to see criticism or something like, it will help me so much during the building of this level.
This level looks fairly nice so far, though I think you should add some sprites on the first screen, but since it's a WIP, I can only wait for it, I guess.
From the screens, it seems a nice level. Liking the large amount of slope tiles and stuff.
But, as Salad up there said (JIJI), it's a WIP, and I can't say more than this.

Keep up!#thp{=D}