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Mario the Archaeologist (hack released)
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hi, i just want to show you the (not done) overworld to Mario the archaeologist. And in case you didĀ“nt know, the hack is gonna be in two parts, like a two disk game. hereĀ“s the overworld.

i think the full game is gonna be A LOT BETTER!

and hereĀ“s some gameplay footage:

(SNN edit: changed the annoying caps in the title to add at bit of formality.)

(Lady Bow edit: Deleted the "New Thread" in the thread name 'cause it's not new anymore. :P)
Pics are not showing up. Use .
The pics are working now, I recommend tinypic for everyone!
I use Photobucket to show my pics. By the way, nice screens.

You can download my VLDC12 entry Here - final update
The island to the left has a good amount of detail and isn't overcrowded. However, it looks a bit strange having the green paths separated since I'm sure that when the events are revealed, they're going to merge. There are tiles you can use to mend them. It's a little bothersome how on some of the hills, the top part of the shadow doesn't line up quite right with the lower part of the hill's shadow, so you may want to either just use the eyes on the hills or redraw some tiles you're not using so you can have hills with perfectly-aligned shadows.

The island to the right looks like it's in very early stages... :-/ I'm not sure what you're planning to do with it yet, but you should flesh out both islands (hint: sort of like how you did below the fortress) so that they seem a bit more natural.

I'm pretty certain you have the lower left-hand corner reserved for Atlantis, and the exit on the right island goes to the underground. If I recall, the first world had a lot to do with pyramids, so I'm wondering if you're going to add pyramids to the left island - it's cool to see pyramids in places other than deserts.

Don't be afraid to use more space in the lower right-hand corner. Also, ExGFX80-FF are useable on the overworld, so you might want to create new tiles for your Atlantis submap since very few things from SMW's OW tiles will look right for an underwater city.

First screenshot looks fine, but I'm a bit wary of that koopa - if he's using the top-right tile that's normally blank on a normal GFX01, then it will mess up the score tiles when you hit a block with a coin in it (you'll get garbage before the number.) You may want to use ground bushes as well to break up the monotony of the ground.

In the second screenshot, I like how you're mixing tilesets to give the illusion of there being a sand mound inside the structure. I'd suggest moving background palettes to palette 3 so you can fix Mario in the status bar. (In the Map16 editor, change the BG tiles to use palette 3, then copy+paste the colors in palette 0 to palette 3, and copy the colors of palette 0 from a level with an unmodified palette and paste them on this level's palette 0.)

In the last screenshot, I can see you're using NES rips - it's not a good idea to stick with the NES's colors, though, because you should remember - the NES could only have up to 4 colors on a palette per tile, whereas the SNES can have 16 (usually 15 + transparency.) You can change around the palettes a little or redraw them to smooth them out, like changing the outline of the curvy stripe to an intermediate green, and using a slightly lighter shade of green to anti-alias it, and changing the black shadow to look like a darker shadow with the ground pattern continuing. The sand should definitely not stay orange - change it to a more brown color so it's not as eye-searing. Also, don't be afraid to completely recolor that brick.

Lastly, it might be a good idea to widen the pipe so there's no empty space between the pipe and whatever it's up against, such as lava or water. ;)

I'm glad you're still working on Mario the Archaeologist. It's a hack that truly dares to be different, and I'm eager to play both parts of it.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

I think that the overwold is too plain but its ok for a new member.
1st SS: That koopa looks cool whit the sunglasees and the palete is ok
2nd SS: everything is nice there
3rd SS: Dont mix 8 bit colors whit 16 bit colors it looks... bad but that sand palette looks good

OVERALL: looks good
hi, this is my updated overworld, it isnĀ“t done yet. Ive listened to your tips!

and this is where you start in part 2 in the game:

and yes i know, the bridge is green, iĀ“ll
fix that if i can.

IĀ“ve used the of my time editing my hack today fixing bugs and editing the overworld .
Hey, that's cool. Are you fully redesigning the first levels too? If you do... well, you don't need to, they were good, even though they had some glitches.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
If you are going to have a two parts,you should try to fix a password or something for part 2. Nice pics,i liked the third one,but the big island of the overworld looks quite boring,why don't you add some more corners %stuff on it? and a two part hack is a great idea,if you want a long hack,that's the solution.
this is a new level iĀ“ve been working on! (wont reveal the name)

so, the thing is that you have to collect 30 coins before you can pass these brown blocks. (the blocks that the arrow is pointing on) I know some of you may not like the grafics of the blocks. Maby you have some god exgfx for them? Let me know. Feel free to say what you think of it.
I don't have good ExGFX for that kind of block, but you could make a simple block with a '30' written on it. Kind of what I'm doing now.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Do the iceburgs have a purpose? What kind of climate is the game set in?

If they aren't iceburgs, then you should change the color.

They are very white and very large stones. My first thought was that they were iceburgs. It's not my hack, you don't have to take any advice from me, i'm just trying to help. Sorry for upsetting you.

Available for bug-testing/play-testing.
Hacking on hold, lack of willpower.

I <3 Caffie Radio

theyre stones!! >:(
Originally posted by Kyoseron
First screenshot looks fine, but I'm a bit wary of that koopa - if he's using the top-right tile that's normally blank on a normal GFX01, then it will mess up the score tiles when you hit a block with a coin in it (you'll get garbage before the number.)

Reasonably certain the sunglass koopas don't use that tile. However, parkoopas and sparta koopas do. Even so, it's easy to fix: See icegoom's post.

And please, if you have any ideas or suggestions for my hack: let me know! Even if the idea is crazy, and everybody is like: that is never gonna work!

NOTE: i know many people have canceled theyre hacks. And I wont do that! Never Ever EVER!!! Im always using backup files for my hack so i wont have to cancel it! And thanks everybody for supporting it and helping me.
for you who want too support my hack:

it looks like this:

I support your hack because I want to give you a chance trying to make a good hack. If you need help, I'm always here. ^_^
Your screenshots look pretty good!

It's not even close to Halloween, and already Christmas Sales are starting early!
Meh, I guess I'll support it.

BTW, I see you're using my Pharoh Koopa GFX.
yes i do, and itĀ“s awsome! :D
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Full Hack Releases - Mario the Archaeologist (hack released)

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