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[W1] Shy Guys' Shroom Garden

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I recently completed this level, which is another grassland-themed level. This one is a bit harder than Green Grass of Home, but could probably still fit in World 1, most likely as the penultimate level.

The beginning
The eponymous Shy Guys, along with a Koopa, some coins, and a Venus Firetrap
Yoshi Coin on a Shroom
Last Yoshi Coin

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The level, for the most part, was easy (just like you said, this would fit in World 1).

I did like the enemy placement and the fact that there weren't an overload of items, which would've made the level too easy.

However, I felt like the lever was a bit towards the linear side. Some parts did feel a bit empty. In addition, I felt like the aesthetics of the level could have been better. IMO, I don't believe that a mix of SMB3 graphics and SMB1 graphics go great together.

Along with that, I found out that 6 dragon coins were put in the level. To me, I feel like the player now has the chance to earn 3 lives instead of one (collecting the 5th dragon coin gives a 1UP, while collecting the 6th dragon coin gives a 2UP).

Finally, the music was okay, but I would have preferred something more than the original theme for NSMBU.

Other than that, the level wasn't that bad. Nice job.
ACCEPTED (Early Game)
Nice level! No real complaints here, great for the later half of world 1.
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