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Mario and Luigi in Puzzle Islands. - by Linkisahero

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[download zip]

When I saw your hack's title, frankly, I expected a hack based on actual puzzles...unfortunately, this wasn't the case.

The more general problems of your hack:

- really easy, short and simple levels, especially for a hack with the word "Puzzle" in the title.
- most of these puzzles involve a P-Switch or some invisible coin blocks, and pretty much that's it. It's almost always trivial what the player has to do, and most of these would also fit in a "non-puzzle" hack.
- the OW is really blocky and simple, you could definitely spice it up with some decoration, different landmasses, custom palettes etc.

Let's see some more specific removal reasons now...

A new title screen level would be cool.

While it's not too bad, the palette of the ground (and the trees) could be a bit smoother (with less contrast).

Glitchy P-Balloon graphics.

After dieing in a level with "0 time", this screen comes up. I recommend using the Time Up Fix patch to prevent this.

Mario walks into the wall after finishing this level, which looks just weird and unnatural.

...this was a puzzle? Not to mention, this level was like 2 screens long...

This was a really cheap trick. Besides, you shouldn't make the player go on ground which is below the "screen limit".

Using this many note blocks is probably not the wisest level design choice, this part was boring and really irritating.


This isn't a proper screenshot. Read the F.A.Q. to learn how to make good screenshots.

Not to mention there are right and left edges in the dirt, which shouldn't be there.
Originally posted by Archie

Not to mention there are right and left edges in the dirt, which shouldn't be there.

It's pretty clearly supposed to be eyes, like the kind you always see on those overworld hills. It does look a bit messy, though.
I played it, it's not TOO bad, it just could use a little work.
Want to see my Super Mario Timeline?
I know it's been more than a year since this topic was closed, but I just wanted to say... THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING!!! I'm already leaving SMW Hacking because...
A) I lost the ROM with the changes and...
B) I don't have the time or the interest in continuing.

So, THANK YOU, EVERYONE. It was a wonderful experience, but I'm not interested anymone.

Link Thread Closed