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Creative Mario World - full

well... took a month or 2, but it's all done

availible here

thanks to johnsmith41 for playtesting!
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The forum mods over here demand screenshots for everything, so here you go.

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Looks OK, except in the black plains and cloud pictures there is cutoff. I will play this, and tell you what I think.
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huh. I didn't notice that.

...and I still don't see it
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1st one: doesn't look like flunchers for me, and I doubt that can be considered cutoff.
2nd one: That's just missing the top part of the clouds :P

Also natnew, pretty good start. Levels feel a little empty sometimes but overall it's good for a new guy, and I can see you put an effort into it. Keep going!
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I say remove the munchers anyway. You can't jump out, so you just fall to your death instead of waiting for the munchers to kill you. They look like flunchers because they "hover" a few pixels. It's your opinion on the ledges, but the cloud corners are a bit unappatising para mi.
Your layout has been removed.
I don't really see a problem w/the clouds, but the muncher level was going to get an edit anyway, so it's changed.

plus you can see the bottom row easier with SNES9X, so fixing that too...
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