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The Last Level Contest - Rules + Submissions

Link Thread Closed
The Last Level Contest

In this contest you have to design a level that could fit at a last level.
It dosen't need to be a castle level, it can be ghost house or whatever,
be creative. You also need a boss fight, it can be a boo boss,
a boss hosted here, a noob boss edit or even a boss you coded yourself.

- The level needs a boss battle
- It can be very hard, but it needs to be beatable without savestates and rewinds
- No Roms
- No Joke Entrys
- Upload the patch at your filebin, not in the hack section

Points you can get:


Level Design -/10:
Was the level interesting, were there some good
puzzles or was the level just flat.

Creativity -/10:
Were there some great ideas or have I seen this all before.

Difficulty -/10:
Was the level to easy or way to hard but I don't have to explain it.

Bugs -/-5:
Are there cutoffs or something that makes the level impossebly.
Is there something that looks ugly. You can't get points here,
just minus points. #w{>=)}


Boss Sprite and Boss Room -/10:
Was the boss used before, was it a boo boss or was it a creative
noob boss edit. If you use a koopaling boss or the original bowser boss you won't get any points here.
Did you just placed the blocks randomly in the room or did you
made it interesting with layer 2 or something like that.

The deadline will be at the 26th may.

If you want to discuss this contest or have any questions
please post here: Link
My hack TEMP is cancelled for now but I started a new
vanilla hack, you can visit my thread here.

I called it super mario SNES because it's supposed to be like a new mario game.
Want to see my Super Mario Timeline?

I updated it. it's more or less the same, but it's still diffrent enough.
Want to see my Super Mario Timeline?

EDIT: Made some minor edits to fix a few bugs.

EDIT AGAIN: This should be the final redo.
Your layout has been removed.
A Last level

Not a great think, but i think this is a god level for this kind of event :P
Made you look. Now Breath Manualy.


Sorry for taking so long... I couldn't find time for this at all. Hope it's worth it!

E: forgot to mention, sorry for not including multiple midpoints; I couldn't make the patch work (it corrupted my ROM). Bear with me on this one.
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to hear birds and see none.
So this contest is now over, since noone else still needed some time.
Could a mod please close this thread, thanks.
My hack TEMP is cancelled for now but I started a new
vanilla hack, you can visit my thread here.
Link Thread Closed