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[W3, Boss] Desert Temple

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Hi there. I was linked to this project yesterday and it interested me, so I decided to start making a level for it.

I have a map of the level and a download link at the bottom if you wish to play it for yourself.

Please tell me what you think.


The music is 'Spirit Temple' from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The boss music is 'Egg Golem' from Sonic Adventure 2.

It looks awesome. However I am not able to download any files from mediafire. Could you upload it to another website or even link a direct download from this site like it was handled the level "Dark Dungeon"? I might give a review of your demo. :)
Hi there, Quill again. This post is to inform you all that the level is now complete.

I'm looking forward to any reviews.
The first half of the level was very well designed, I enjoyed it a lot. #w{=)}

My only complaint in the first half is the chain elevator area.

So when its going up, it moves up a bit, stops, moves up a bit, stops, and that pattern repeats. That's fine.

My minor issue is when it's moving down the pattern is : down, stop, up a bit, stop. It seems wierd to me that it's moving up a bit again, and when trying to reach the bottom of that room, it just makes the wait longer. Something about the movment just bugs me.

Then there's the second half.

Now I go defeat the second thwomp mini boss, press the switch, and now I want to head towards that door that was previously blocked off by yellow switch blocks. I go to the midpoint area knowing I can jump through the floor there to reach that door faster.

With Luigi, this plan works fine.

However, playing as Mario is a different story. No matter how hard I try, I cannot get Mario onto that ledge. So now I have to backtrack through 2 rooms to get to where I need to go instead of quickly reaching there like Luigi can.

I suggest moving the platform down one more block so Mario can successfully get onto the ledge.

Finally, the boss. #w{:s}

Maybe it was just me, but I spent countless lives trying to defeat this thing. Those flames from the eyes got me everytime. Not only that, but I wasn't even aware Ludwig was regaining all of his health whenever he dissapeared. While I'm in favor making the boss easier, it would be better to see what others think of it difficulty wise.

What's worse, is if you die as Mario, you have to go through the miniboss fight and all that backtracking AGAIN.

Also, it would prove smart to have the key on top of the moving pillar be a generator (have a new one spawn every 5 - 10 seconds or something), since it's possible to lose the key in the quicksand on the way to the boss door and the player will be utterly screwed.

Aside from these issues, good level #w{=D}. The graphics were great, the music fits very well, and the Dragon Coins weren't too much of a hassle to find. The thwomp minibosses were a nice touch as well, but I think the main boss, as well as the specified areas require improvement.
Thanks for the reply, TheOtherGuy25.

The elevator should have gone up in a similar way as it went down, but for some reason it wouldn't work correctly after multiple attempts so I just gave up.

You can actually reach that platform above the checkpoint with Mario with a running start, but I'll probably lower it anyway.

I'll fix the key issue right away.

For the boss, I have already added a message indicating that Ludwig regenerates his health.

I have no issue with dodging the flames probably because that enemy is often used a lot in SMBX levels so I've kinda got used to it.

Thanks again for the review.

Early-Mid Game (would make a nice finisher, with the boss and everything)

Now this is a masterpiece. The manipulation of events has created a lush, sophisticated level that reminds me of a 2D SM64. I love it!
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