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Official Funny Picture Thread

Link Thread Closed
I remember back when there was a thread in the WOI called the "funny picture thread" but it died away. So now, it's being reincarnated into a new and more aptly suited thread. So post whatever funny pictures you have!
Note that it doesn't necessarily have to be pictures that you have made.
Also, could this thread be stickied?

@TLMB: Fixed
Remove the last picture, I find that totally offensive.

Edit: Thank You

I love the first one :3
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Anyways, here's the pic from my profile:
Out of curiosity, which one was the offensive one?
It's not even close to Halloween, and already Christmas Sales are starting early!


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Why the hell is this thread in the art forum.
Where else would it go? I think it belongs here better than the world of insanity.

and AtomicShroom, those pics are awesome

I made them :D
I had no idea SMW Central had such a high density of /b/tards. :P
I don't go to /b/ but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the memes, right?

I can has cheeseburger is an awesome site boing!
No. Just no. Leave it at that. A simple no.
er, why did you change your name from Darkriko to amanda to vulpix to wraith blablabla ect?
In other words, why do you change your user name so much?
This most recent one was not my choice. Thank Smalls.

It went as follows:

@Bowser: That's pretty hilarious!
and here's another random pic:
I don't think that's a Pokemon cartridge in the gameboy, Bowser.

Well, here are some pictures I took when playing SSBB. Captions are below pictures.

Say "no" to strangers.

Fox about to get eaten by that slug thing (forgot the name).

Lucky catch... or is it?

This is where I died when my Landmaster got stuck in that slug.


Yes I hate Lucas.


The expression on the boy's face (In the background) is priceless.

Here is a suggestie picture that is linked due to possibly being offensive (NSFW).

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    Originally posted by Artsy Ghost

    fuck yeah meowingtons
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