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Official Funny Picture Thread

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how do you like your lime?

Oh God I laughed
ask me if i give a f*ck...
The life of a particle...

This should of been the final boss of the Family Guy: The Video Game but it never was. Giggityas!
Fellow gamers...

come check out my stream, i play cool stuff sometimes --

tl;dr you're a cool person :)

My Favorite Fail

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Real Life
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DISCLAIMER: Is not racist (in fact, i AM black)
i just lurk sometimes
Might as well post some of my Stu shoops...

..and now I'm out of space in my files. crap. I have like 40 more though.
i dont like being a dam micro gumba
Warning, Reading may cause cancer. Add me on xbox live: Pl X3r0. need any testing? ill help.
Well if you post like this then you'll become a banned goomba. Or something. w/e

There's all these different ones and they all play a specific role. I'm pretty sure there's an image which lists the major ones.

ask me if i give a f*ck...
I notice that some people throw out images as replies, and I always found that funny. Here's one I made:

'Phoque' is French for 'seal' and is pronounced the same way as our F-word.

Don't even ask me why I made this--I just felt creative.
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