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[W2, Boss] Nighttime Woods

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Nighttime Woods (name is still a placeholder) is a level I made about a year ago. I never found a good use for it 'till now. The level has
two stars (both types) and a fairly easy miniboss.

Here's some screenshots for 'ye:

Download it now, matey!
Great level you have here. The length is perfect, the graphics are fantastic, and the music works well. (However it is a bit awkward that theres a short second of silence before the song starts.)

Just some things I wanted to point out.

So theres a bonus room down this pipe which is located just before the midpoint.

Instead of coming down from the pipe, Mario comes up out of thin air.
A simple fix.

This may be a bit more personal, but I'll bring it up anyway. When you come out of the pipe, you are past the midpoint, and even if you know it's there, there's still a tricky jump that needs to be passed. I suggest moving the exit to this pipe before or closer to the midpoint.


How do I make these jumps? I assume the second one can be made using the Racoon Leaf in the level, but to get that I need to make the first jump. The first jump I keep missing by a pixel. I'd suggest making them a bit easier, or maybe I'm just missing something.

Anyherp, great work! :D

Early Game (another boss level, intro to bosses perhaps?)

A fun level that utilizes just the right amount of resources. Too bad you're inactive now, a prime example of why these levels needed to have been tested quicker.
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