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(Canceled) The Shadow Fortress

The Shadow Fortress is a level I'm working on. Only two sections are done (out of about 8). The level will have a custom boss fight at the end as well.

HUGE screenshot just for you:
Huuuuge screenshot
(It took about 4 hours to make that section O_o Also, the screenshot is kinda screwed at some parts)
I have no words to describe your level other than that your level is pure awesome. #smw{:TUP:}

Neutralization, I must comments on your level you've hardly working on it. Your skills reminds me of some enthusiast SMW hacker I respect. :)

Apart from the post above. The level is a holy grail of SMBX level. This has to be my favorite. #fim{<3}

Edit: Level up!
Hi Wind.

I'd suggest using enemies other than spinies.

I can't comment much on the level, the graphics are appealing but we'll see how the gameplay is when I get to test it.
It's a very sexy screen.

But yeah, Qwill is correct, you should use a variation of enemies in your level, also, the coins are looking like stones, it's a bit strange, probably just the block looking like will be sufficient.

Anyway, very good work, it's lovely.
Thanks for your kind comments, they're very appreciated. There are actually two kinds of enemies in the level and I'm going to also add some Ball 'n' Chains, but yeah I think I'll add some Koopas and maybe Bullet Bill launchers. The coins look like stones indeed. They don't even animate so I might actually use the regular smb3 coins. Anyway only two sections are done still, I wonder will I actually finish this level in time. O_o

-The level honestly looks really bland, with no real variation on the design or anything to make it more interesting.
-Most of the enemy placement isn't really a challenge, and it doesn't look like it was well thought out.
-You also are using only spinies (and one or two thwomps) in the level, contributing to the boring, generic design (judging from the screen, of course). I suggest you vary the enemies a bit more, as said before.


-The stone coins also look really weird, the normal coins would fit better, honestly.
-The 'Fortress' tileset don't fit well with the other tileset you are using.
-I'm also not really a fan of the white on the stars at the background.

(btw, did you already think about what music you will use in this level?)


Overall it looks okay, not really sure about the design, though.
Maybe it is better on the actual level, heh :P