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Munchy's Big Day - a million eyeballs fall from the 'bove

This is a kaizo hack
Your Layout Are Taking Vacations

I am the regent of recycling! The royal of reusing!

I'll turn Cheatsy Koopa Mode off for a moment to note that the above joke works in two ways.

Looking at the past few screenshots, I can say that things like the overworld are extremely pleasant to look at. I love the in depth style of this hack as well - it really seems to suit your style of things from what I have recently seen.

Looking forward to more.
Yeah, I'm a fan of your work. Your graphics are good and fiiting the SMW style. The levels look interesting too. Now learn to draw awesome backgrounds! #tb{:]} Also redraw the small muncher graphics, they don't really fit a playable character.
Agreed @small muncher. I think it's not bad as it is, but it would be great to have something different, as it really doesn't fit the "Super Muncher" graphics as it is, in my opinion.

Great overworld, by the way!
Now that you mention it, yeah, the small player sprites don't match the super version very much. I might change them at some point.

Anyways, some assorted screenshots!

Those vanilla trees are awesome. They just are. I really like the colours you have used as well. Can't wait to see more!

Did some more work on the main map. As you can probably tell, it now includes World 4, the mountain/forest world!

Thats an amanzing overworld, loving all the details and decorations. I agree with 1UPdudes, the usage of the vanilla tree is really creative. Can't wait for more.
Check out my new hack thread:
Expecting an update? Too bad, Waluigi Won't Be On the Site Because April Fools Day is Literal Trash

Man! I love the level design on every level of this hack! I've played the C3 about a million times and can't wait to play the full, looking forward to it!

A little teaser of 4-2. Right now it's missing the layer 2 and 3 graphics I plan on making for it.

Looks good, but it doesn't look hot enough in there. Have you considered placing ExAnimated fire objects around the level? They could function like chompers to present another hazard to the player. Or you could be more creative and use some of the fire-based custom blocks out there.
Agreed. What you have so far is pretty good, though! Visually it looks great, and it also seems pretty fun.

Previous screens are also fantastic - amazing job on that overworld!
There will be more fiery hazards in this level, so don't worry too much about that.

Anyways it's that level again. The blue one.

Love the background with the palette and the relaxing mood it gives. Not sure about the skull in the dirt though. I dislike when others put random stuff in the dirt as it doesn't really look like it's inside it, but in front of it.

Hey look, a tiny submarine

EDIT: and an ice world too why not

Uh oh, it's some overworld HDMA!

The submaps look beautiful.