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Munchy's Big Day - a million eyeballs fall from the 'bove


Those look really great! Really nice work with the atmosphere in this overall, and the new graphics (mostly decoration, it seems) work super well here. Really love the HDMA as well!
Why are you so talented at OW designing?
Please tell me your secrets I need them so BADLY.
A lot of it just appears to be knowing how to create land curvature, particularly with edges. That, and just picking the right palettes and ExGFX additions can go a long ways towards making good overworlds.

I could certainly create something similar if I felt like it, but it just isn't a style I strive towards.

This cabin is not cozy at all! I have been lied to!

I have just three things that I'm not fond of:

The coins on the first screen looks too pale for me.
I think the enemy from the second screen is a bit too thin.
I think it The bottom bottom(purple plus some lighter spots) needs to be improved.

I'm curious to see muncher's climbing sprite. :)

EDIT: Woops, removed my quote.

I love the idea! I can't wait to play it!#smw{:TUP:}
I think this is a cool idea for a hack! Playing as a Muncher plant! Also, the storyline is both logical and amusing in my mind, with its relation to floating/stacked Munchers being a common issue in many poor quality ROM hacks. I look forward to giving this hack a try!

A couple of screenshots from some world 6 levels.

Wow, no replies?

I like both screenshots, but I find the first screenshot to be a bit weird, because the shadow is just on a part of the ground, and it's just in the left side of it. Nothing major though, just me being nitpicky as always.
Hey Dr. Tapeworm, could we get a demo with more content than the C3 one? Also, every screen just gets me more and more excited!
Originally posted by Paperdomo101
Hey Dr. Tapeworm, could we get a demo with more content than the C3 one? Also, every screen just gets me more and more excited!

That's my goal for now, yes. Current minimum for the next demo will be World 1 and 2 and whatever other assorted levels I feel like including.


Latest images reminds of DKCR's Cliff World...
Still I like it when people use Oil over Lava, get that variety going! XD
Looking great so far! Overall design seems good, and the graphics are pretty cool as well (specially the bones). Really liking both the bones and the oil here - they help making those mountain levels more unique.

The cave dirt feels a bit odd to me, though. I think it's slightly more repetitive than the regular one due to Map16 stuff (see this for the original tiles).

Squeezy freezy

(Note: pictured above are two ice levels. They're icy.)

I like both screenshots., but my favorite has to be the second one. The palette in that one is lovely, great job with that.
Dr. Tapeworm! ForthRightMC there! I joined this forum about your hack and I think it's great! How many levels will be in this hack? And this hack has custom music?
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
nine worlds maybe, don't know how many levels, yes music

Anyways you can expect to see this level in the next demo.

Loving the GFX so far. Excellent job.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Yeah, that looks really good. I'd personally erase every other vertical line in the waterfall graphics, but it looks fine as is.

preview screenshots for the C3 demo that may or may not happen.