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Munchy's Big Day - a million eyeballs fall from the 'bove

Good job! Cool GFX So Far. #smw{:TUP:}
Cool Layout by Kagami Hiiragi.

It's been a while so here's a screenshot of a world 4 level!

Oh, I remember seeing this one on #ExGFX #ab{:P}

I really like the palettes here, there's some nice color variety and everything looks just beautiful. Graphics are really well done as well, and the design seems fine. Also that gradient looks great, but the lighter mountains might blend in a bit too much near the bottom.
Originally posted by Eternity
Oh, I remember seeing this one on #ExGFX #ab{:P}

As Eternity said, the color variety is really nice. I like your graphics, too.
Also, the BG here looks great. Nice work.
I like how everything looks so colorful and vivid. I think some Bgs kinda crash with your style, though (like the one in the mountaing fortress level).
That level looks pretty cool, though I do agree about the lighter mountains. We don't see enough bramble levels in hacks, in my opinion. (On that note, I hope you release those graphics afterward, along with the Juicy Jungle-inspired tileset.)


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Looking at how great you are makes me want to give up at hacking, knowing I won't ever make something as cool as this.

New sprites? Yeah! Yes.

Nice work, Dr. Tapeworm#smw{:peace:}
7 years using I think that's not enough.


Assorted world 5 levels. World 5 kind of has the most diverse arrangement of level types since "haunted" is a broad description, and only two out of its eight levels are ghost houses.

munching never got so spoopy

This all looks cool, especially the palette design on the second screenshot.
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

Originally posted by Dr. Tapeworm

It's been a while so here's a screenshot of a world 4 level!

Love the thorny thing. :) Well done.

Originally posted by Niamek
Love the thorny thing. :) Well done.

well you'll be glad to know that that's not the only bramble level in the hack! where the other one is I cannot tell right now (because it doesn't exist yet) but it will take some more cues from donkey kong country than this one does

kinda chilly huh

I really like what you've done here. Is this a mountain above the clouds-type of level?

Either way, well made. I look forward to seeing more.
Why does your stuff look so darn good?
I like the the idea of traversing the cliffside with the darker dirt formations. Solid colour choices as well.

I almost wrote a long essay on the significance of the strongly varied level themes of world 4 but then remembered that no one cares and also that just writing "Forest levels = WOOD hurhhurhehuh" is actually funnier