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[W4] Blue and Gloom
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Hey I got a level that features green spiny eggs as the main enemy. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46953035/Blue%20and%20Gloom.zip

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I tried to make a fancy video response but failed to record, but much of it is easy to remember.

- Level felt compress. Both power-ups and death defying challenges came up quickly. You can use inverted blocks so you can use colors more than once each. Spread out, if it's not too much too ask.

- Feather broke many of the sections. Avoiding switching at least 2 colors is possible. You really should fix that.
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I thought this level was pretty good. However, I personally believe it suffers from one problem, which I'll get into after some minor points.

Could be me, but I've only managed to get through this section unharmed once, and even then it was because of what felt like luck and having a leaf. I suggest easing this area up a bit.

Originally posted by NoelYoshi from "Your Level and You: Submitting, getting feedback, etc."
...uses the star exits for your level

Your level uses the SMB3 roulette exit. A simple swap to the SMB3 Star NPC should fix it.

Anyway my main point, the level feels a bit dull at certain points. 2 of the 4 switch areas focus on dodging the green spiny eggs falling from above. It just feels a tad repetitive and I feel these two elements could be used much more creatively.

Then there was this section which was flat and boring, consisting of me waiting for some bubbles to fly past me and then jump my way through some suns? (if that's what they are I'm not 100% sure) and more green spiny eggs.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think you could do more with this level. It's pretty good right now, but more creative uses of green spiny eggs and the switches would greatly benefit your level.

Hope this helps! :D
C3 Thread (2013)

Has Major Errors

>Literally everything TheOtherGuy25 said.
>The "suns" have awful hitboxes. Give us some breathing room around them, preferably switching areas around the suns to 1 block above the suns, just so we aren't accidentally getting killed.
I made the graphics for the suns bigger so hopefully they'll fit the piranha plant hitboxes better.


My Youtube Channel
My Soundcloud
Sorry I didn't get to it earlier, I'll get to it when I have some free time (probably tonight).
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