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SnesGFX v2.62


Go to SnesGFX v2.62 release post

Almost 1 year later, I decided to work again on SnesGFX. I didn't implemented too much new features, but here the change list from version 2.40:

  • Rewritten output format converters, now converting raw bitmap to snes/raw is much faster.
  • Added Mode 7 support. Note that you still have to create the tilemap yourself!
  • Added a option to remove all duplicated or flipped 8x8 tiles.
  • Added a option to export a Map16Page file, which is only available if you check "Remove all duplicated (or flipped) tiles". This option will be extremely useful, since you don't have to rebuild the image with duplicates removed.
  • Updated pngquant to lastest version, generating more accurate results.
  • Added a option to split the output file. You can split the file by 512 bytes or 1/2/4 or 8 KiB.
  • Added a option "Optimize image". If you uncheck this option, pngquant will not run. Useful to fast conversion, or if you want to preserve the image quality or palette order. Note that SnesGFX will throw a error if the image have more colors than request/supported.
  • Added a option "Save on image's folder". If you prefer to save the image on its original folder, check this option, otherwise SnesGFX will save on tool folder.
  • Added a button called "Count number of colors". Basically it tells how many colors the image have.
  • Now SnesGFX has a much better icon *yeeeeeeee*

To who don't know, SnesGFX is a tool to convert images to SNES format without big quality loss. Extremely useful for sprite-sheet. C3 thread.


This is a pretty awesome tool. Thanks again, Vitor. <3
aran - Graces of Heaven
You've created some of the most useful tools on this site in quite a while. I think I speak for everyone when I say we all appreciate it.
cool tool. downloading now. hope i can figure out how to use it. im guessing they go in as ExGFX? can i use this to change what sprites look like? and if they are different shapes will the hitbox be messed up?
Ah thank you so much! I loved the original SnesGFX for testing purposes^^

I hope i can rip some of my favourite GFX from Terranigma and SM64
Glad to see you did another version of SnesGFX, I liked these new features of the tool, this will help me ripping from some spritesheets, so thanks very much for done another awesome job, Vilela.
This tool has been useful when I can't find a spritesheet of what I want. Thank you for the update!
though I can't figure out a reason you'd need the mode 7 option
Your layout has been removed.
Yeah, seems very useful so far. :D
Mario the Gaul
I need help.
The gfx bin comes out fine, but when I load the map16 bin. . .

The area in the red box is the only part of background that shows up. Everything else is garbage.
Very Useful tool #w{=3}

My hack TEMP is cancelled for now but I started a new
vanilla hack, you can visit my thread here.
Originally posted by Pyoro64
I need help.
The gfx bin comes out fine, but when I load the map16 bin. . .

The area in the red box is the only part of background that shows up. Everything else is garbage.

Your background is too big or has too many tiles... :/
I can't do much about this.


To others: Thanks for the comments. I'm working on SnesGFX 2.51 which will allow to you export into a RAW tilemap, specify output palette type (YY-CHR, Tile Layer Pro or Mario World format), support for generating sample level with background ready to be inserted, specify the transparent color and some bug fixes.
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I have a question: For some reason I can't find the generated files and the readme mentions something about

Originally posted by readme
"clique in Save and all files
required will be generated on Image or Tool folder."

Could someone explain me what that actually means? Note that I'm not native english, so that might explain why i don't know what the image or tool folder is. (in German)
Oh sorry, my english is so terrible...

The generated files will on same location as image's folder by default or at tool's folder depending on option "Save on image's folder".
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thanks for the tool

my peticion is how make the "finish" map16 file not use the frist tile set

sorry for may english

You must put the arrange colors manually, like the Ultimate BG Rip Tool does.
It's a very useful tool!Thanks~
SnesGFX v2.60 Released!
After a while, I suddenly decided to work on this version. It contains lot of fixes, like transparency related one, and also lets you to generate a sample level and a snes tilemap, allowing to you rip backgrounds now.

  • Fixed the annoying "pngquant has quit with exit code blah blah" when you click on preview/save multiples times.
  • Fixed "remove duplicated (or flipped tiles)" where depending on results, it could cut off the last tiles.
  • Fixed the buggy transparency system. Now you can specify what color will be transparent and you can completely disable the transparency system, useful for ripping backgrounds.
  • The preview window now show the transparency pixels as a chess-like background, making easier to check what color is transparent.
  • Now it can export the palette to Tile Layer Pro or MW3 format.
  • Now it can export the tilemap to SNES raw tilemap format or as a sample level with the compiled background. Note that you still have to set up a bit before using it, but now it's pretty easier to rip backgrounds now.
  • Updated pngquant to lastest version.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and improved a bit the processing speed by converting some multiplications into bit shifting.

Note that this version is barely tested, so if anything weird happen, post it a screen, or the error message here and I will take a look.

I want to thanks FuSoYa for giving me a base .mwl file, without him the option to create a sample level would be almost impossible.

That's all.

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Em, what is this 'Index was outside the bounds of array' that I'm getting?
Give me a screen shot of the program and the image you was using. So I can check myself here and try to reproduce. But I guess I must've added a check before generating the tilemap file, meh.
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