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SnesGFX v2.62


Awesome!! I've only just looked on it, so I can't give a really detailed reply here, but everything seems great. Having exported LM levels is a really useful feature. I just want to say thank you, Vitor, for working on all these great tools. #w{<3}

now get imamelia and finish Tessera pls
I just released version 2.61. I found a bug on export tilemap/mwl function which could broke break if the BG width/height wasn't multiple of 256.

Also it improves the arrange colors function. Now you can make it arrange by hue, brightness, saturation or manually, which gives you a window to you arrange the colors manually, request by Rykon-V73.

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Props for the arranging colors function.
okay, how is this possible? I literally downloaded the version before this like 2 hours ago and noticed the lack of rearrange the colors manually, and now there is this exact update we needed?...Wow. This is beyond AWESOME!
Oh wow. I haven't download updates of this and AM4Player ever since you first popped out these tools like a toaster during C3. Wow - these are even more amazing!
Could be:
1. You don't have .NET Framework 2.0 or newer installed;
2. Your anti-virus is blocking the tool for some reason. If it is this, unblock since it's a false positive.
3. You messed up something on your computer related to permissions.
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Look at this picture:

You don't know what I'm trying to say? Unlike as the wood tileset which I've uploaded it on SMWC the ripping was only done with SnesGFX. Yes, I only used SnesGFX (o.k. yychr too but only for fixing the tiles). Without this tool I need more time for ripping it (searching and so on) or even can't complete the rip because I can't find some tiles so yeah, thanks for the tool.
I was thinking: Might it be possible to add a feature that lets you force certain 8x8 "tiles" in a picture to use a second 4-bit palette?

Also, will it possible to export .map16 files in the future?
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SnesGFX v2.62 Released

This version has some minor fixes (grammar and wine compatibility), plus add mode 7 tilemap support and transparency mode, useful for ripping images that will be used with color math (color addition and maybe subtraction too).

Also it adds a option "Remove Flipped Tiles", if for some reason you don't want to remove flipped tiles too.

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Something about CGADSUB Mode is wrong. I loaded my image and set Max Transparency to 100 and tolerance to 5.
I previewed the image and it had no change at all. I realised that no matter which valus I added to Max Transparency and tolerance, it always reverts to 224, 2 respectively.
If it had no change, then it means there's no pixels with transparency of less than 100. Tolerance only affects max transparency range.
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So, I'm curious to know: A couple of days ago, I tried to get the tool to output this picture. But I couldn't, since the tool complained that it had too many tiles and couldn't fit into even all of FG1-3 and BG1-3 and blah blah blah. But when I took the same picture and put it into Edit's graphics ripper, it ripped just fine, palettes and all, not to mention it only took up two ExGFX files. Is there a reason for this?
Slicing it in half and splitting the two 256x128 pixel images and then converting those would have net you the same result.
Works fine for me, though it required exactly 0x200 tiles, which is 4 GFX files and not 2.

I don't think there should be any difference technically between SnesGFX and BG ripper with PNG files, unless if they contain more than 16 colors.
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I tried that mode again with a BG with exactly 0x0200 tiles and there's no change at all. I'm wondering what am I doing wrong.
Try setting max transparency to 255.
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It worked. Odd, but it worked. It works only for 255, it seems.
The option works better with images having lots of transparency pixels, like:

The CGADSUB will make the most transparent one more to black while the closer to 255, it will look more normal.
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Oh. So the changes are more noticeable, when using a gradient, rather than a normal BG. I tried with one of the BGs from this link:
but didn't noticed anything. Can I have one more demonstration with one of those Bgs instead?