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aterraformer's Level Testing Video Series

Inspired by Pholtos and Frozelar's testing series for A Super Mario Bros. X Thing (a "hack" I was involved in also), I decided my own videos for testing SMWCX levels. This first one went decently enough, I didn't have too much to criticize since the levels seemed pretty good already but I did give a few tips and opinions. Apologies about the volume levels, I didn't realize it until after it was too late to do anything about it.

-Episode 1-
X-cniS's "The Sunset Completely Overtakes the Atmosphere"
m4sterbr0s's "A Vanilla Night"
Dr. Tapeworm's "Crystal Islands"

-Episode 2-
Levelengine's "Ironknuckle Inferno"
FlamingRok's "Twist Volcano"

Feel free to construct my criticism also! I want to be as helpful as possible.

My past levels (all from ASMBXT):
Glazed Donut Dungeon (in my opinion my weakest)
Overboiled Potato Farm
Flight Simulator
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Thank you for the feedback.

Don't worry about that weird area in the final room of Crystal Islands; it's scrapped content from the old version of the level.

I didn't even know that you could do a vine-carrying glitch in SMBX. Huh. It doesn't really break the level that much though, since it already supplies you with a billy gun after each climbing spot.

Yes, I am still doing this! The next two levels took a half hour each and I kept forgetting to edit them since I usually do it right after recording but due to real life stuff, I was not able to.

So here it is: episode 2.
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