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Windows Mario World

Details for Windows Mario World
Hack Name: Windows Mario World Demo - 360 KB - 16 downloads.
Length: 7 levels
Author: AirMario - Submitted by: AirMario
Description: My very first hack being uploaded to SMW Central.
This hack is all about the Windows operating systems, and at some point, will feature all of them. There isn't any kind of "story" present in the game yet, as there aren't many stories to fit with a Windows-themed hack (besides viruses and whatnot).
There is a text document featuring all of the tools/music/graphics that were used.

I was unable to test this on Bsnes, or snes9x (I can't get either of them to work on my computer), but it does work on Zsnes and SNEmulDS (which is virtually incompatible with everything), so it should work with them.

There are a few bugs in it that I have no idea how to fix.

1. When you delete a file, some of the data doesn't get erased (Item box, coins, status)
2. The coins collected in the title screen will be present in your coin count if you start a new game.

Reasons for removal:
I'll start by saying that this was a pretty solid hack, even if I had to remove it. There are mostly just small errors and oddities, but there's one thing I have to address first.

This hack is not compatible with BSNES or Snes9X, due to use of a deprecated version of Addmusic. HuFlungDu's addmusic update should be used instead of Romi's.
You should always strive for full emulator compability. This is not a removal reason in itself, but it'll make more people able to enjoy your hack.

The second submap was a bit weird. The transition between Windows-themed levels and desert>ice>grass themes is not pulled off very well.

I'd suggest turning this into an "emulation area" of sorts. I think that'd fit better, given the original theme.

As far as the levels themselves go, most things were fine. Consider increasing the time limit of each level with 50 or so - I always ended up with around 50-80 in seconds left, which is a bit small. Nothing big, though. I'd personally use something else than a black background for Chicago 95, where the Windows Bills appear.

The messages spread through the levels are a bit iffy. Look into changing these:

will done -> done


Thanks, man.
Seriously, though, it's reasonable to expect that the player has a firm grasp of the mechanics of SMW, this being a ROM hack website and all that. Remove it, or something.

There are two different instances of the same message in the hack. If you're unsure about the player finding the first, move it to a more obvious spot.


Ninji jumps into the selected window and goes all the way to the top. The same thing happens a screen or so later.

Don't cover 1UPs(or any other item) with 3d objects.

Coin jumps up from the bottom when you cross the exit.

Why don't you remove the holes here? They don't serve any purpose apart from making this a blind leap of sorts.

So yeah, while this doesn't really break any rules, it requires a bit of polish before I can accept it. It should be easy for you, though.
I thought this hack was good, actually. The only issue to me were those sprite and message block issues you pointed out. Maybe this hack will be better when he fixes these things. I like the concept.
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Incognito

will done -> done

Actually there isn't any "done" in the message. Removing the "will" may fix the problem.

Ninji jumps into the selected window and goes all the way to the top. The same thing happens a screen or so later.

I think that can be fixed by applying this patch.
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Thanks for bringing the bugs/abnormalities/typos to my attention, they're all fixed now. The only problem is that I can't get that version of AddMusic to insert (m)any of the songs that I inserted with AMM (not using the same ROM).
I'll resubmit after I add some more levels.
For the record, the crash in bsnes/higan and Snes9X happens when you collect a fire flower.
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Also, make sure the window background the Ninji is jumping into acts like tile 25 and not tile 1F0; I've seen that happen way too much...
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