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[W5] Laboratory Labyrinth
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Another level!
Download it on my files!

Tahix e: link here for ease of access and stuff.
Extremely awesome Concept and design, but you don't have any let for the players. Try to implement more power-ups. I might have more later on this level.

Also, please link the file in your post next time.
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fun stage, could use a bit of leeway tho(a midpoint)
B>your ideas of concept/creativity :>
Has Minor Errors
Man, this is an awesome level! It was super fun to play! The music was good and I liked the aesthetics. There are just a few things, though:

The jump indicated with the red arrow isn't big mario friendly.
If you move the block in the red circle one tile up, and raise the wall in the right circle with one tile (so you can jump up easily), it should be better.

I like the gears you swapped with the coins (and the robot toads), but if you collect them by breaking the block underneath them, they will change into regular coins.
You need to change effect-11 to make it look right. I've already done that for you, you can download it here.

The chain of the moving platform goes in front of yellow blue background lines and the televisions.

I think it would be better if the green p-switch star would be a level continuing star.

There is a some cut-off with the pipe and the ceiling.

Finally, the first time I tried to play this level, I got a runtime 13 error. This was caused by the fact that you used dots instead of commas for the speed in the NPC files. I tried to change all the dots in the NPC files to commas, but no luck. In the end, I solved this by changing my decimal symbol to a dot instead of a comma. I don't know if there is any other way around this.

Anyway, loved the level. Keep up the good work!
Will be done later if I can.
Accepted! - This would definitely be a nice level for World 5. The design is pretty neat, and there are quite a few interesting concepts used as well. Nice job with this!

It does have a few minor errors, as Blue Leaf mentioned, but they're very minor so this level's pretty much accepted. Fixing them would be great, though!
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