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Release: Super Mario: DJ-3
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So... About a half a year ago, I got sick of all the "Are you going to make a hack?" questions, so I decided to do something about it. My first idea was to convince Boom to remove the PM system. My second idea, which I chose, was to actually make a hack.

Now, half a year, 68 levels and more than 100 minor and major ASM hacks later, I am proud to present:

Super Mario: DJ-3

Click here to download!
This is possibly one of the best hacks I've ever played. The graphics are incredible, and so is the custom music. Not to mention the ASM. I've only played for 5 minutes, and I can already see your true potential as a hacker.

Hats off to you, smallhacker. You have made something that beats super mario odyssey.
This is incredible. Everyone must play this now. I had no idea that this was possible in SMW. Everything is beautifully balanced, and the music sounds at least 3 generations better than the originals. Amazing ASM, with the playable characters, the custom bosses, the FPS style gameplay, 3-D effects.

The only negative is that I can never enjoy another hack again...
The graphics from level 105 (is it even level 105? I can't recognize it anymore!) are so much different than the original. About the Overworld, man, has this ever been done by anyone? It's so original (really!). And that title screen... wow, it's all original stuff you put in your hack.

Level 106 surely is the most original level I have ever seen. I can't even find anything that existed in any other game! And all pipes work properly too, but of course... a good hack has good working pipes. The edge tiles completely fit with the ground too.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Cool! Odysee and Brutal Mario had babies!

Amazing GFX in there!
Fantastic ASM!
And uber level design!

Best hack ever. period.

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The fireworks in the castle had pure and cool ExGFX. And it does amazing ASM stuff I'm not aware of.

(Seriously, this is the best hack ever in some aspects. No joke. It could be replaced with Keytastrophe, Odyssey, etc.)

It's a 1-world demo. Too bad. It could really replace *see aforementioned*,

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
L-o-L :D
This is the best hack EVER!!!!!!!!!!!11

I loved all the ExGFX and ASM you had, and those pipes in the second level were some of the best things I've seen in a while.

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I never actually expected you to finish this. Incredible work here - this is easily on par with Mario Fantasy or Odyssey. The only minor bug I found is that in the first level, there is a misplaced water tile.

Other than that, stunning. And I rarely call things stunning anymore.
The level design in this thing is really impeccable - top-notch! It's also nice to see someone who really favors the SMW-style of graphics. I did find one little glitch, though - the first level doesn't seem to have sprite buoyancy enabled.

All that being said, I absolutely loved the level after the Switch Palace - I didn't think it was possible in SMW to have Mario run over one-block-wide gaps, but playing this level showed me that it is possible. I might actually implement something similar into my project, if that's okay.


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If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
I just hacked the ROM and replaced all gaps with those awesome looking blocks to go to the next awesome looking level. Gosh, what an awesome sprite collision. I never knew so much different sprites and such a short level would still make this awesome!

The only thing you need to do, is put a little lock in the hack, to prevent people like me from making it easier. 10/10 lulz!!!!!!!!1111ONEONE!

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Omgz I love how you used multiple midway points! =O
Smallhacker, I love you in a non-sexual way =3

Your layout has been removed.


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Best last level ever. Iggy's castle was a bit hard - I still don't get how to make koopas climb invisible nets. And that jump over the wood spike thing in the middle of the last level made me take damage.
Awesome hack though. I'll go and play another hack just like it, Chaos CompleXX...




But seriously, this hack's messages were possibly some of the best ever.

Do you think you could continue to Donut Plains, any chance?

It's not even close to Halloween, and already Christmas Sales are starting early!
this has to be the BEST hack i have ever seen/played, i was astonished to see the amazing OW! Great job 20/10!!


For once, a freebie site that actually works! =]

OMG! How did you do that? It is absolutely incredible! O_O
However, I opened it in Lunar Magic and instead of showing level 105, it showed me this.


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Epic. Win.
Originally posted by AtomicShroom
OMG! How did you do that? It is absolutely incredible! O_O
However, I opened it in Lunar Magic and instead of showing level 105, it showed me this.

Oh you...

Also, this is probably the best thing I've ever played, Smalls. Nice going!

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I laughed. I cried. It changed my entire outlook on human culture. Normally SMW hacks have cheesy plots like "Mario must collect the 8 magical stars to defeat Bowser" or something like that, but this was a cinematic masterpiece. It was on par with-no, better than Half-Life 2. Yoshi's tragic death was tear-jerking. All seemed lost for Luigi when he came face-to-face with a fire sumo, but he pulled through. Oh, and the fiery showdown between Bowser and Luigi... It was the definition of epic. I didn't think such a masterpiece was possible with such limited resources, but you pulled it off. I will never look at video games the same way.

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Mario's Nightmare Thread
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