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[W4, Boss] Blue Bomb Factory

This level is based inside a factory with bombs and it is kinda confusing if you are playing it the first time. Do not worry, this is not a maze.

Here is the video link for that level:

Download Blue Bomb Factory level here!

Every custom graphics was made by myself but not these SMB3 recolored ones.

SMB3 recolored graphics by @Legend-tony980.
Though this level, as you mentioned, was a bit confusing at first, I thought it was a great level overall. Navigating the area was very easy to figure out because of the screens guiding you in the right direction.

The graphics are great and I love the little touches you added (i.e. the bomb on the screen to show the bomb generators were working). Music was good, too.

Just one suggestion.

I think the Green Circles (or Red X's if I haven't hit the switch) down here should be moved up to the areas I marked. This way the player won't jump all the way down there just to figure out he/she is going the wrong way.

Also the boss was kind of hard at first, but I did finally find the technique that made the fight fairly straightforward.

Anyherp, great level you got here! Good Work! #smw{:TUP:}