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How to use the on/off solid blocks

Do you got problems with the on/off solid blocks? Don't you know how to exanimate them?
Or do you just want to know how to use them, then this is the right tutorial for you.

You should know how to insert ExGFX and how to insert custom blocks.

What you need:
- Your Rom
- Lunar Magic
- The on/off solid block ExAnimation File from
Download it here: Link
- The on/off solid blocks from PatPatPat
Download it here: Link
(- YY_CHR)

First insert the custom blocks with BTSD and insert the ExAnimation File into the animation
slot, that you can find if you click here #lm{sgfxby}.
Now click on #lm{exan} to open the ExAnimation Editor.
- open a slot you haven't used before
- set the type to 4 8x8s: 16x16
- the trigger should be on/off
- the colors are not important for us
- we need 4 frames x2

The destination is up to you but I'm always using
C0 for the Off_Solid.asm block and C2 for On_Solid.asm

This is now for the Off_Soild block.
Now it's getting a bit annoying, you need to write these nummers into the frame fields.

And now the same for the On_Soild block, yay.
It's the same, just the numbers are a bit different. Look here.

Now were almost we just need to make these blocks visible.
Go to the page were you insertet the custom blocks.
First click on the On_Solid block and type in:
If you don't know what I mean with that, just ask.

Both blocks should also act like tile 25.

That should be it, I hope this tutorial helped a bit.

But there's still a trick I want to show you.
In some level like ghost houses or castles the on/off glitches.
For this you need to delete a tile. Then backup this file.
Open the SP4 File of the level you want to fix this glitch with YY_CHR. Then play the level and see what tile appears.
Then delete this tile (just in case if you don't use this sprite).
Rename it into a ExGFX file an insert it into SP4.
Now there shouldn't be this glitch anymore.

I hope you enjoyed.
- K1ng
My hack TEMP is cancelled for now but I started a new
vanilla hack, you can visit my thread here.
...but this is a tutorial.
Also, that's kinda backseat moderating, not really something you should do.

e: the above post was deleted so this one won't make much sense.
(*facepalm* I should read the posts)
Sorry and I don't know much, when you're backseat moderating. I also deleted my post.
Btw. using on/off blocks means using ExAnimations and inserting custom blocks.
What I would do Is 2 8x8's Line. It's Very easy since you only have to put in 2 frames per box. #ab{;)}