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Can't Open SMW Redrawn

Does anyone know how to open Super Mario World Redrawn in Lunar Magic?
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Would this tool help achieve what you're going to do?
It would actually help if someone could post step-by-step screencaps on how to do it. :(

Just explaining everything through text is kinda not understandable.
The simplest way is to drag the ROM file over the executable and it will generate romname.unlocked.smc.

romname --> Name of the ROM
It still doesn't work for me somehow.
Can you open it with the emulator? Maybe the ROM you used to patch it is corrupt. You can use ROMClean to make sure it's clean.

Also, where did you get this version for SMW Redrawn? The safest one would be the one hosted on this site.
It was this one:
Oh right, I forgot about this one. It counts too. Actually, I remember downloading it a while ago, and it worked fine...

How's your ROM though?
My ROM is actually an IPS. #ab{:(}

I wish people would post screencaps or video tutorials on how to work this thing out exactly.

This is why I prefer Sprite Sheets.


Originally posted by LooneyTunerIan
My ROM is actually an IPS.

You need to patch the IPS to a clean SMW ROM.

Just use LIPS, or another patcher.
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You can not open .ips files in Lunar Magic, you have to patch the .ips patch to a .smc file.

First of all, make sure you have a clean Super Mario World rom. I can not link you to one here, you're going to have to find one yourself.

When you succesfully downloaded a clean SMW rom, download Lunar IPS. This tool allows you to apply the .ips files to your clean SMW rom.

Once you downloaded the zip file, open it up. You'll see a file called Lunar IPS.

The following window pops up

Select "Apply IPS Patch" and browse for your .ips file.

Once you found it, open it. It will now ask you to browse for a clean rom. (.smc)

Once again, when found, open the file.

Congratulations! The file has been patched and you can now open the .smc file in Lunar Magic!

just popping in to say that the recommended IPS patcher is now FLIPS, not LIPS (LIPS, as well as other IPS patchers, has been removed from our tools section in favor of FLIPS)

hi lui

edit: here is the relevant announcement
Anybody know where I can find a clean rom of SMW?
You would search it on the internet, we cannot tell you for legal reasons where to get a SMW ROM. You would verify if the ROM is clean using either this or this.
Can someone PM me a clean rom file of SMW? That could be safer.
I don't think anyone is going to send you a SMW ROM in a PM, because it is still illegal anyway. Try Googling a clean one.
Originally posted by LooneyTunerIan
Can someone PM me a clean rom file of SMW? That could be safer.

Finding a rom is as easy as searching "Super Mario World rom" on Google. You'll come up with many results.
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Administrators can see PMs, and sending ROMs is illegal.

When googling, remember it has to be an American version in order to make it work at Lunar Magic (Japanese works too, but you'd have to handle with the Japanese letters).
Originally posted by Koopster
(Japanese works too, but you'd have to handle with the Japanese letters)

That, and you still need to use the American version to make the patch, and I'm not sure how well recieved such a patch would be among the hack mods.
The correct filename is Super Mario World (U) [!].smc or Super Mario World (U) [!].sfc. Remember to run it through ROMclean; the standard ROM on ROM sites are in a slightly different format which few of our tools will like and which it is inappropriate to make a patch from.
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